During the interview, Oswalt shared an interesting behind-the-scenes story about his famous filibuster scene in “Parks & Recreation.” He explained that the scene was initially supposed to be a short joke, but the directors and writers decided to see how long Oswalt would talk. As a result, Oswalt improvised a trivia dump about Star Wars and Marvel, and surprisingly, some of the things he mentioned actually came to pass in future films.

Oswalt also hinted at the possibility of a “Ratatouille” sequel. He mentioned that he would love to do it, but believes they should wait until director Brad Bird has an amazing idea for the film, just like they did with the sequel to “Inside Out.” He jokingly suggested the title “Ratatouille Saves Red Lobster,” which would not only be a great idea for a movie but also a way to save an American institution.

In addition to discussing his acting career, Oswalt talked about his personal life, particularly his daughter Alice. He shared that he has introduced her to various forms of entertainment, including movies, music, and comic books. Alice has developed a love for artists like Phoebe Bridgers and Boy Genius, as well as classic rock bands like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. Oswalt admitted that his daughter’s musical taste has even influenced his own, as she has introduced him to new artists he hadn’t heard before.

During the interview, Oswalt also spoke about his new game show, “The 1% Club.” He expressed his excitement about hosting the show and explained that it tests contestants’ reasoning and logic skills rather than their knowledge. Oswalt found it fascinating to see how different people approach the questions, with some contestants surprising the audience by getting difficult questions right using their reasoning abilities.

“The 1% Club” premieres tomorrow on Prime Video and will air on Fox on June 3rd. Oswalt encouraged viewers to watch the show and promised that it would blow their minds. With its unique concept and engaging gameplay, “The 1% Club” is set to become a hit among both trivia enthusiasts and those who enjoy watching contestants exercise their brains.

Overall, Patton Oswalt‘s appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” was filled with lively and entertaining discussions about his career, future projects, and personal life. From his memorable filibuster scene in “Parks & Recreation” to his enthusiasm for hosting “The 1% Club,” Oswalt continues to engage audiences with his wit and passion for entertainment.

Be sure to catch Oswalt’s new game show, “The 1% Club,” premiering tomorrow on Prime Video and on June 3rd on Fox.