In the latest episode of Alan Carr: Chatty Man, viewers were in for a surprise when actor Will Mellor revealed something unexpected. The talk show, known for its lively and entertaining discussions, featured stars from various fields including Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe, Alex Brooker, and Noel Gallagher. However, it was Will Mellor‘s revelation that stole the show.

As the conversation unfolded, Alan Carr and his guests discussed various topics like the royal baby, a hypnotic dog from Britain’s Got Talent, and controversial diet ads. The chat show kept its audience entertained with witty banter and humorous takes on current events.

After the lively discussion, Alan welcomed the stars of the new crime drama, “No Offence,” including Will Mellor, Alexandra Roach, and Paul Ritter. Despite the serious nature of their new show, the conversation took a lighthearted turn when Will Mellor shared a surprising encounter he had with Prince William in a club bathroom. Will humorously shared how his wife reacted when he told her about the encounter, adding a touch of comedy to the conversation.

The talk show also featured a special performance by the legendary musician Noel Gallagher, who discussed his new album, “Chasing Yesterday.” He talked about his dislike for having his picture taken and the pressure to have a stylist, emphasizing his preference for being independent.

Throughout the episode, Alan Carr‘s charm and wit shone, keeping the audience engaged and creating a lively atmosphere. The show’s mix of comedy, interviews, and musical performances made it a must-watch for fans of entertainment.

Stay tuned for more entertaining and lively episodes of Alan Carr: Chatty Man, where celebrities open up in unexpected and entertaining ways. Don’t miss out on the fun and laughter that this talk show brings to your screens.