In a recent episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, host Stephen Colbert wasted no time addressing the latest news surrounding former President Donald Trump. Colbert began by expressing his relief that Trump was not in court that day, allowing them to discuss something other than his hush money trial. Instead, they delved into the scandalous discovery that classified documents were found in Trump’s bedroom at Mar-a-Lago, a staggering four months after an FBI search of the premises.

Colbert humorously remarked that the only thing more shocking to find in Trump’s bedroom would be a current wife. He highlighted the disclosure of an opinion written by US District Judge How, which expressed fury over Trump’s possession of classified materials. Colbert couldn’t resist poking fun at the fact that Trump rarely goes into his own bedroom, suggesting he does most of his sleeping in court.

The opinion also revealed that Trump allegedly instructed his employees to avoid security cameras when moving boxes containing classified government information. Colbert joked that nobody ever says, “Take these toy donations to the orphanage and avoid security cameras.” He also expressed surprise at the revelation that a Trump adviser had reportedly scanned the contents of the box and stored them on a personal laptop, quipping, “Could it be Hunter Biden‘s laptop? No, this is way worse.”

Colbert then addressed the controversy surrounding the search warrant for the second raid at Mar-a-Lago, which included language authorizing the use of deadly force in appropriate circumstances, common for FBI procedures. He lightheartedly mentioned that Trump had already sent out a fundraising email to his supporters claiming that he had “nearly escaped death.” Colbert wittily remarked, “I’m sorry you nearly escaped death, which means you didn’t.”

Moving on, Colbert talked about Trump’s recent court appearance, where he complained about the prosecutors coming from the “fascists” in the Oval Office. Colbert couldn’t help but mock Trump’s remarks about the judge, Juan Merchan, suggesting that Colombia should stick to making fleece jackets and affordable raincoats. He joked that Trump deserves a judge from a “good” country like Patagon or North Face.

While Trump’s social media account caused some disturbance with a campaign video about a unified Reich, Colbert assured viewers that it was just Trump’s desire to rule over a unified country, not a reference to Hitler’s language. The Biden campaign quickly criticized the video, and Colbert playfully imitated Biden’s confusion, exemplifying the potential for viral video content.

Surprisingly, the article takes a turn to mention that it has been nine years since the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage nationwide. Colbert reminisced about the flurry of baseless arguments against same-sex marriage, including concerns about people marrying animals, which obviously did not come to pass. He concluded by sharing the findings of a recent study that showed gay marriage has not harmed straight marriage. In fact, the report indicated that interest in marriage increased for the broader population, and same-sex households adopted more children.

In light of Pride Month, Colbert highlighted a new LGBTQ+ nature documentary called “Queer Planet” on NBC’s streaming service, Peacock. The show features surprising and joyous aspects of nature that challenge traditional notions. Not surprisingly, conservatives expressed their outrage over the series, with some calling it “science revisionism” and claiming it promotes a “satanic gay agenda.”

To counter Peacock’s documentary, Netflix announced its own show titled “Queer Beagle for the Straight Eagle.” Colbert wrapped up the segment by giving viewers a preview of upcoming guests on his show, including Anya Taylor-Joy, Jo Bo, and the Second Gentleman of the United States, Doug Emhoff.

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