Conan O’Brien had an entertaining and lively conversation with a fan on his talk show recently. The fan, Anthony, had a unique and eye-catching appearance that immediately captured Conan’s attention. Sporting a black shirt and hair dyed in multiple bright colors, Anthony also had a skull in the background, which piqued Conan’s curiosity.

Conan wasted no time in asking Anthony about his hair, which prompted Anthony to reveal that he had just drank out of a cup that resembled a human skull. Although Conan hoped it wasn’t a real skull, Anthony admitted that he had actually stolen it from someone in Russia. As the conversation progressed, Conan couldn’t help but notice Anthony‘s vibrant hair, ranging from black to bright orange, with magenta roots. Anthony playfully apologized for the hair roots, but Conan appreciated the unique style.

Conan’s curiosity expanded to Anthony‘s overall appearance and lifestyle choices. He jokingly asked if Anthony was a Satanist and whether being a Satanist paid well or involved conjuring the dead only on weekends. Conan even pointed out Anthony‘s black fingernails. However, Anthony clarified that he was not a Satanist and that he preferred to remain neutral or “sit on the fence” when it came to religious beliefs.

Amidst the lighthearted banter, Conan discovered that Anthony was actually a phlebotomist, someone who extracts blood for medical purposes. Anthony explained that his interest in blood-related procedures stemmed from watching surgery shows with his mother when he was younger. Although Conan playfully questioned Anthony‘s lack of squeamishness, Anthony revealed that he had been involved in assisting with an autopsy as part of his job’s perks.

The conversation took a hilarious turn when Conan asked Anthony about his difficulties with getting blood drawn. Anthony, being a phlebotomist himself, expressed his surprise at the issue and suggested that healthcare professionals might be poking fun and taking bets on how many needles Conan could take before passing out.

Beyond his career as a phlebotomist, Anthony showcased his musical side. He revealed that he was in a metal band with his brother, where he served as the scream vocalist. Conan’s reaction to Anthony‘s musical endeavors was filled with humor and curiosity, as he tried to capture Anthony‘s scream on-air. Unfortunately, technical difficulties prevented the audience from fully experiencing Anthony‘s scream, but he promised to check out his band’s music videos on YouTube.

Conan’s conversation with Anthony showcased the host’s ability to engage with his guests in a light and fun manner. Despite discussing unique and sometimes dark aspects of Anthony‘s life, Conan managed to keep the conversation entertaining, further cementing his reputation as one of the most beloved talk show hosts in the entertainment industry.