Sir Ian McKellen, the iconic actor known for his roles in the “X-Men” franchise and “Lord of the Rings,” recently made a captivating appearance on “The Graham Norton Show.” The talk show, hosted by the charismatic Graham Norton, is known for its entertaining conversations and unforgettable moments. McKellen’s interview was no exception.

During the interview, Norton mentioned the close friendship between McKellen and fellow actor Patrick Stewart. McKellen revealed that their friendship goes way back, even before they worked together on the “X-Men” films. In fact, McKellen fondly referred to Stewart as a brother, highlighting the deep bond they share.

Norton also brought up McKellen’s unique way of speaking, mentioning an animated movie they worked on together called “Flushed Away.” McKellen’s ability to emphasize consonants and turn one-syllable words into a linguistic dance amazed Norton. To put McKellen’s talent to the test, Norton asked him to speak while Norton shut his eyes, challenging him to guess if it was McKellen’s real voice or someone impersonating him. McKellen nailed it, showcasing his distinct voice.

As McKellen made his entrance on the show, he explained his peculiar outfit, which he wore due to a quick trip from Scotland. He sported Magneto’s cloak from the “X-Men” films and humorously mentioned that he hoped someone watching had the power to teleport him back to Scotland. McKellen’s wit and charm immediately won over the audience.

McKellen’s attire wasn’t the only interesting aspect of his appearance. He also revealed that he collects souvenirs from every role he’s played. From the keys to Bag End in “Lord of the Rings” to Glamdring, the sword he wielded as Gandalf, McKellen has a piece of every character he has portrayed. He even joked about taking something from “The Graham Norton Show” but hadn’t decided what it would be yet.

The conversation took a sentimental turn as McKellen shared heartwarming stories. He talked about a special moment he shared with actress Maggie Smith at Buckingham Palace. McKellen and Smith accidentally found themselves inside the throne room, dancing and sitting on the famous thrones. This amusing story showcased McKellen’s mischievous side, bringing laughter to the audience.

Another endearing anecdote McKellen shared was about a childhood love named Wendy. As a child on holiday in North Wales, McKellen fell for a girl named Wendy and wrote her letters. The nostalgia in his voice was evident as he recounted the joy of receiving letters and the excitement of young love. McKellen expressed curiosity about what had happened to Wendy and mentioned how lovely it would be if she reached out to reconnect.

Wrapping up the interview, McKellen disclosed a comical moment from the Oscars. When “The Lord of the Rings” films were nominated for multiple Academy Awards, everyone wearing their New Zealand punamis (green stone necklaces) hoped they would bring good luck. McKellen shared a funny encounter with Maggie Smith, who askied about the pendant around his neck, causing a memorable anecdote to unfold.

Sir Ian McKellen‘s appearance on “The Graham Norton Show” was filled with endearing stories, laughs, and moments that showcased his iconic persona. His camaraderie with Patrick Stewart, his distinctive voice, and his collection of acting souvenirs all added to the charm of this talk show segment. McKellen’s charismatic presence and ability to captivate the audience make him a true icon in the entertainment industry.