Conan O’Brien recently made a spectacular return to late-night television as a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The atmosphere was electric as the audience gave O’Brien a standing ovation, cheering and applauding for their beloved talk show host.

As Fallon commended O’Brien on his successful career, the two engaged in a playful banter that had the audience laughing and clapping along. O’Brien humorously shared his tall stature and how he would crouch down to make his guests feel comfortable, especially those who were shorter than him.

The conversation took a heartfelt turn as Fallon reminisced about the first time he appeared on O’Brien’s show as a guest. O’Brien expressed his admiration for Fallon’s talent and predicted his future success, which had Fallon’s parents beaming with pride.

The talk show hosts delved into their memories of working together in the same studio, sharing hilarious anecdotes about their dressing rooms and interactions with guests. O’Brien recounted how people would knock on his dressing room door, confusing it with a way to get booked on the show.

The dynamic duo also discussed the evolution of their respective shows and the joy they find in connecting with their audience. O’Brien expressed his love for his new podcast, “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend,” where he gets to have in-depth conversations with remarkable individuals like comedy legend Carol Burnett.

The conversation took a surprising turn as O’Brien revealed a hilarious encounter he had with the legendary Prince. The singer had a trickster quality about him, and O’Brien recounted their meeting at a benefit event where rumors were circulating about Prince joining Stevie Wonder on stage. Prince adamantly denied these rumors, but then cleverly surprised everyone by playing the guitar during Stevie Wonder‘s performance.

As the interview came to a close, O’Brien and Fallon reflected on the incredible experiences they’ve had throughout their careers and the genuine connections they’ve made with their audiences. They expressed gratitude for the opportunities they’ve had to meet and interview extraordinary people, including their mutual admiration for Paul McCartney.

O’Brien ended the interview on a lighthearted note, sharing a funny story about mistaking a fan for Prince and taking a selfie with him. It was a reminder that no matter how successful or famous one becomes, there will always be moments of humility and laughter.

This lively and entertaining conversation between Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Fallon showcased their camaraderie, shared experiences, and genuine love for entertaining their audiences. Their stories and interactions offered a fascinating glimpse into the world of talk shows and the unique personalities they encounter.

Fans of late-night television and the iconic hosts themselves will surely appreciate the warmth, humor, and nostalgia present in this unforgettable interview.