During a recent episode of Conan O’Brien‘s talk show, “Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend,” the charismatic host revealed an unexpected encounter with a fan and a hilarious mishap in New York City.

Conan, accompanied by his “contractual Chums,” as he fondly refers to his team, embarked on a business trip to the bustling city. During the trip, Conan found himself exposed to the sun, resulting in an amusingly sunburned face.

Walking around Manhattan, Conan couldn’t help but enjoy the beautiful late spring and early summer weather. However, as he noted, New York City lacks adequate shade, making it a challenge to escape the sun’s rays.

The conversation with his Chums quickly veered off course when Conan mentioned the encounter with a New Yorker. While strolling alongside his agent, a passerby complimented Conan on his show, albeit in a slightly intense manner. The enigmatic stranger’s peculiar delivery left Conan and his agent wondering if the fan genuinely enjoyed the show or if he had other, more menacing intentions. Conan, in his characteristic humor, compared the interaction to an unconventional marriage proposal.

The unpredictable weather intensified Conan’s comedic flair. Although the first day in New York was sunny while he walked around, the remaining days brought relentless rain. Conan couldn’t help but jest about the irony of getting sunburned only on the day when the weather was pleasant.

As the conversation continued, Conan jokingly speculated about the aftermath of his sunburn, pondering whether he should visit a dermatologist or even spend time in a hyperbaric chamber attended to by Mormons. The humorous banter between Conan and his Chums showcased his quick wit and ability to turn any topic into an entertaining discussion.

In true Conan fashion, the conversation took an unexpected turn when his alarm went off, causing a brief interruption. The mishap revealed a spilled glass of water, leading to a lighthearted exchange between Conan, his Chums, and Eduardo, the studio builder. Amidst the chaos, Conan emphasized the importance of covering unused microphone ports and playfully chided Eduardo for not foreseeing such spills.

The lively and engaging conversation on Conan O’Brien‘s talk show never fails to captivate viewers. Whether it’s his humorous encounters with fans or amusing mishaps in the studio, Conan keeps his audience entertained and craving more.