Ellen Degeneres made a surprise visit to Leah Remini‘s house on the latest episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show, and chaos ensued! The talk show host showed up unannounced, and the two celebrities had an impromptu hangout session.

Leah seemed a little caught off guard by Ellen’s unexpected visit, but she played it cool and welcomed her inside. The conversation was lively, with both stars joking around and reminiscing about their friendship.

Ellen couldn’t help but notice Leah’s adorable baby, Sophia, and immediately bonded with her. The baby seemed to take a liking to Ellen as well, which delighted both celebrities. Ellen even offered to feed Sophia, but it turned out that the baby wasn’t hungry at the moment.

As they continued to chat, Leah mentioned that Sophia loves the sound of a vacuum cleaner and a washing machine. Ever the entertainer, Ellen decided to give it a try and turned on the vacuum cleaner. Surprisingly, Sophia seemed to enjoy the noise and quickly fell asleep.

Not stopping there, Ellen suggested they take a drive in Leah’s car. Sophia loved being behind the wheel, and Ellen couldn’t resist joining in on the fun. They even made a quick grocery run and picked up a few items. Ellen made sure to grab Leah’s grocery list and returned with everything they needed.

As the visit came to an end, Ellen realized that Sophia needed a diaper change. Leah offered to handle it, but Ellen insisted on doing it herself. With a little hesitation, Ellen took on the task and successfully changed the baby’s diaper, to everyone’s amusement.

Overall, Ellen’s visit to Leah Remini‘s house was full of laughter, surprises, and adorable moments with baby Sophia. The two celebrities had a great time hanging out, and their impromptu adventure made for a fantastic segment on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

Fans can catch more entertaining episodes of The Ellen Degeneres Show, including the upcoming premiere of Leah Remini‘s show, King of Queens, on October 20th at 9 PM on CBS. So mark your calendars and tune in for more laughter and fun with Ellen and her celebrity guests.

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Originally aired on October 5, 2004