Regina King graced the stage of Jimmy Kimmel Live with her presence as she discussed her new movie Shirley, her relationship with Marla Gibbs, and the joys of acting alongside her sister. With an impressive roster of awards under her belt, including an Oscar and four Emmys, King is undoubtedly one of the finest actors in the industry.

As the interview kicked off, King appeared radiant and full of joy. Despite the challenges of the past year, she expressed that she was doing well. The conversation took a lighthearted turn when Jimmy Kimmel mentioned William Shatner, who was backstage for a reunion show. While King didn’t catch a glimpse of him, she expressed her excitement to see him. She also reminisced about working with Shatner in the past, highlighting his fun and lively personality.

The discussion then veered towards King’s early years in the industry. Kimmel dug up an old newspaper article from the Thousand Oaks star, congratulating King on her 17th birthday and mentioning her desire to travel the world. King revealed that she had initially dreamed of becoming an interior designer but eventually fell in love with fashion. Last year, she treated herself to a brand new blue Toyota MR2, a birthday gift that brought her immense joy.

The conversation then shifted towards the unique experience of driving a stick shift. King humorously revealed that her mother insisted on getting her a manual shift car to deter friends from borrowing it since most people don’t drive stick shift these days. She shared her proficiency in driving a stick shift and jokingly mentioned that even her friend’s children, who come from affluent families, prefer to Uber instead of driving themselves.

As the interview carried on, the topic turned towards the nostalgic feeling of driving to work. King mentioned the independence and joy she experienced when she got her first car and how she wanted to relay that experience to her kids. Unfortunately, her mother had a mishap and got into an accident with her beloved Toyota MR2. The revelation led to a surprise from Kimmel – a Matchbox car version of King’s MR2 as a little present.

Switching gears, King delved into her latest accomplishment, the movie Shirley. The film revolves around Shirley Chisum, the first black congresswoman, and her historic presidential run. King emphasized that her role was not to impersonate Chisum but to embody her essence. With her sister also involved in producing the film and playing her on-screen sister, King praised the multi-talented Marla Gibbs and shared her deep admiration for her work.

The interview wrapped up with discussions about Lucas Hedges’ contribution to the film and the decision to shoot in Cincinnati. King revealed that her family from Cincinnati played a role in making the shooting experience extra special. One of her cousins, a car collector, provided vintage cars to add authenticity to the film.

Overall, Regina King‘s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live was a delightful and lively conversation, showcasing her talent, humility, and bond with her sister. With her new movie Shirley garnering attention, King continues to solidify her place as one of Hollywood’s most accomplished actors.

For fans eager to see Shirley, the film is now playing in select theaters and will be available on Netflix tomorrow.