Jerry O’Connell and Molly Sims were guests on a recent episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and it was a lively and entertaining conversation. As soon as the show started, Jerry and Molly exchanged warm greetings with Ellen, thanking her for having them on the show. Jerry, in particular, seemed especially thrilled to be there.

Jerry wasted no time in getting the audience’s attention by talking about his love for the Discovery Channel. He described television as a book with great pictures and a remote control, and he emphasized that there are many good and informative shows on TV, including The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

But it wasn’t just the Discovery Channel that intrigued Jerry. He also had a fascination with seahorses and took the opportunity to educate the audience on these unique creatures. He shared interesting facts about seahorses, such as how they have the head of a horse and the tail of a monkey. Jerry also highlighted the seahorse’s ability to change colors during courtship and the fact that the male seahorse carries and delivers the young.

Throughout the conversation, Jerry’s humor and enthusiasm were contagious. He effortlessly connected with the audience, making them laugh and keeping them engaged. And as the conversation shifted to Molly Sims, Ellen praised her for her role in the hit NBC show Las Vegas. Molly, a former model turned actress, shared her experiences and thoughts on the show.

The segment took a light-hearted turn when Ellen mentioned that Jerry had appeared on the cover of a bowling magazine called “Frames and Lanes.” Jerry playfully joked about how surprising it was to find his picture on the cover of a magazine he didn’t even pose for. He went on to talk about the time he called a pizza place on the show to see who could deliver the fastest. The interaction with the pizza place was comical and entertaining.

As the episode progressed, Jerry and Molly shared more laughs with Ellen and the audience. The conversation covered various topics, including Jerry’s modeling gig for long underwear and Molly’s experience with auditions as an actress. The energy and chemistry between everyone on the show were palpable, creating an enjoyable and lively atmosphere.

In the end, the episode left the viewers entertained and wanting more. Jerry and Molly’s charm, wit, and genuine connection with Ellen made for an unforgettable talk show experience. The episode was a perfect blend of humor, education, and celebrity interviews, showcasing The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s ability to captivate and entertain its audience.

Overall, this episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show featuring Jerry O’Connell and Molly Sims was a delightful and lively experience that showcased the true essence of a chat show. It was filled with laughter, interesting conversations, and memorable moments that left viewers eagerly anticipating the next episode.

Originally aired on October 7, 2004