In a recent episode of the popular talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, host Jimmy Kimmel wasted no time diving into the latest news surrounding former President Donald Trump. Kimmel began by discussing the guilty verdict that was handed down in New York City, a verdict that made history as Trump scored the most guilty verdicts of any president ever.

With a touch of humor, Kimmel highlighted the magnitude of Trump’s accomplishment by comparing it to the legendary 1971-72 Lakers, who won 33 games in a row. Kimmel noted that Trump achieved this feat without the help of basketball greats like Will Chamberlain or Jerry West, making it even more impressive.

However, Kimmel couldn’t help but express a bit of disappointment that the charges brought against Trump seemed relatively minor compared to the numerous, more serious crimes he has been accused of. Kimmel likened the guilty verdict to convicting O.J. Simpson for a speeding violation and questioned whether it truly reflected the extent of Trump’s alleged illegal activities.

Despite this, Kimmel was fascinated by the reactions of Trump’s staunch supporters. To his surprise, many of them celebrated the guilty verdict as a victory, even going so far as to compare it to the George Floyd moment. Kimmel also highlighted the remarks of Trump’s longtime advisor, Roger Stone, who declared Trump to be the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln, despite the mounting list of 34 felonies against him.

Kimmel humorously commented on the mixed reactions from Trump’s followers. While some expressed hope for unity and moving forward, others resorted to insults and confrontations. Kimmel poked fun at the man who hoped the country wouldn’t burn down while passionately defending Trump.

The host also criticized Republican leaders who, despite their personal dislike for Trump, seemed afraid to challenge him. Kimmel recounted his previous interview with Senator Ted Cruz, who admitted to having little confidence in Trump’s abilities but later aligned himself with the former president.

Moving on, Kimmel recounted the bizarre press conference that Trump himself held at Trump Tower. With his characteristic wit, Kimmel described the conference as a rambling speech reminiscent of a drunken best man at a wedding. He emphasized the absurdity of Trump’s claim that nothing ever happened between him and Stormy Daniels, mocking the idea that she traveled back in time to frame him.

Additionally, Kimmel playfully criticized Trump’s attorney, Todd Blanch, who stood stoically by Trump’s side during the trial. Kimmel quipped that hiring a lawyer named Todd seemed questionable, comparing the name to that of a pet instead of a legal professional.

Kimmel concluded the segment by highlighting Trump’s plans for the future. Despite the guilty verdict and upcoming sentencing, Trump’s team continues to rally support, raising over $34 million in donations in a single day. They also issued a warning to other candidates, highlighting Trump’s exclusive role as the one allowed to “cheat” his supporters out of their money.

And so, as Trump heads home to his Golf House in Bedminster and prepares for a fundraising tour, Kimmel couldn’t resist joking about Trump’s flair for losing fortunes rather than proving his dark predictions wrong. With his signature humor, Kimmel reminded viewers that despite Trump’s claims of doom and gloom under any other leader, the economy was thriving and the country was moving forward.

As Trump’s legal troubles continue, it remains to be seen what the future holds for the former president. Nonetheless, thanks to the lively and entertaining commentary of Jimmy Kimmel, viewers can be sure that there will be no shortage of humorous insights into the ever-evolving saga of Donald Trump on Jimmy Kimmel Live.