In a recent episode of the talk show hosted by David Letterman, viewers were treated to an explosive demonstration by special effects expert, Deer Sturm. Sturm, who is the head of Sturm’s Special Effects International, showcased his talents in the wanton destruction of household goods and small appliances.

Known for his work in films and television commercials, Sturm demonstrated how to create a bug hit on a windshield. Using a grape filled with mustard as the bug’s innards, he placed it inside a gelatin capsule and then loaded it into a gun. The gun, resembling a nitrogen gun, simulated the impact of an insect hitting a windshield at high speeds.

Perhaps the highlight of Sturm’s demonstration was when he showcased an exploding beer from Milwaukee. He wired an explosive charge into the beer can, creating a squib effect. Sturm emphasized that this kind of effect would be used in a movie depicting a Midwestern setting. The explosive charge inside the beer can was triggered by a firing box, resulting in a dramatic explosion.

Not content with just bugs and beer, Sturm took the demonstration to the next level by showcasing exploding cottage cheese. Although unconventional, the exploding cottage cheese mesmerized the audience with its unexpected and bizarre effect.

And if that wasn’t enough, Sturm also demonstrated an explosive General Electric boombox. With all the necessary components hooked up and ready to go, the boombox was detonated, captivating viewers with its explosive power.

Throughout the demonstration, Sturm’s expertise and passion for special effects were evident. His extensive knowledge and experience in the industry were showcased, leaving the audience in awe of his skills.

Overall, David Letterman‘s talk show provided an exciting and explosive segment with special effects expert Deer Sturm. From bug hits to exploding beer cans, Sturm’s demonstration was a testament to his artistry and his ability to entertain viewers with his unique abilities.