Conan O’Brien, the host of the popular talk show “Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend,” never fails to entertain his audience with his quick wit and humorous banter. In a recent episode, Conan kicked off the show with a unique greeting, saying “yellow there and welcome to con O’Brien, needs a friend.” He playfully adopted a Midwestern DJ persona, adding a fun twist to the start of the show.

Joining Conan on this entertaining episode were his pals Matt Gorley and Sona Movsesian. The trio shared their amusing camaraderie, with Conan jokingly referring to them as his “compatriots” and “Confederates.” They even teased Matt about his ownership stake in a 1954 Nash Rambler.

The conversation took an interesting turn when Conan revealed his recent visit to a jewelry store to have one of his many chain pendants repaired. Much to his delight, the store instantly recognized him as a hero within the Armenian community. Conan couldn’t help but express his satisfaction with the recognition he receives from the Armenians, jokingly referring to himself as the “coolest dude ever” in Armenian, or “fussuman.”

The Armenian connection didn’t stop there, as Matt shared his wife’s Armenian heritage. Conan couldn’t resist playfully bantering with Matt about his familiarity with the Armenian dialect, proving his knowledge and impressing everyone with his impeccable pronunciation of Armenian words.

Reflecting on their memorable trip to Armenia, Conan expressed his sincere gratitude to Sona for introducing him to her homeland. He acknowledged the positive impact their visit had on their relationship with the Armenian community, earning them street cred with Armenians all around.

Their playful banter then led to an unexpected discussion of sponsorships. While Conan mentioned getting special treatment from a jewelry store, he jokingly entertained the idea of striking up a sponsorship deal with Solo Stove and Apple. The trio engaged in light-hearted banter about the perks of having a relationship with various companies, including Conan’s hilarious idea of a plane made entirely of Solo Stoves.

As the conversation turned to Apple, Conan found himself unintentionally promoting Samsung, playfully questioning the relevance and popularity of Apple products. He passionately praised Samsung’s Conan Channel on their TVs, emphasizing his unwavering love for their products.

Towards the end of the episode, Conan light-heartedly wrapped up the discussion, leaving the door open for potential collaborations with Apple. Acknowledging that both companies have their merits, he expressed his excitement to meet Matt’s wife, Vones, and apologized for any unintended offense caused by his previous comments.

Conan O’Brien never fails to deliver a lively and entertaining episode on his talk show. With his quick wit and playful interactions with his guests, he keeps his audience engaged and laughing throughout the entire episode. To catch more of Conan’s hilarious conversations, make sure to tune into “Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend” for your regular dose of entertainment and laughter.