Vice President Kamala Harris made an appearance on a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she discussed various important topics such as protecting reproductive rights, Trump’s guilty verdict, and healthcare. The talk show host welcomed Harris to the stage with a round of applause, acknowledging her as the 49th Vice President of the United States and the third most powerful person in America after Joe Biden and Taylor Swift.

As a California native, Harris expressed her love for her home state and mentioned missing the farmers’ markets, which she noted are not available in DC. She spoke proudly of the produce grown in California and her personal connection to the farmers in the state.

The conversation then shifted to the topic of reproductive rights, to which Harris affirmed her support. She emphasized the importance of maintaining vigilance in protecting these rights, as demonstrated by the recent threats to Roe v. Wade. Harris called out former President Donald Trump for appointing three Supreme Court justices with the intent to undermine the protections of this landmark case. She condemned the laws that have been passed in several states criminalizing doctors and nurses, even in cases of rape or incest.

Harris, who began her career as a prosecutor, shared a personal anecdote about her friend who was a survivor of sexual abuse. This experience motivated her to fight for the protection of women and children. She expressed her concern for laws that deny a survivor the right to make decisions about their own body, as well as how these laws also impact access to contraception and birth control.

The conversation then delved into the potential threat to healthcare in the United States. Harris highlighted the attempts by the previous administration to undermine the Affordable Care Act and the importance of ensuring that access to healthcare remains a right for all. She reminded viewers of the upcoming elections and the need to vote for representatives who will fight for healthcare rights.

The discussion later veered into the legalization of cannabis, and Harris expressed her belief that people should not be incarcerated for marijuana use. She acknowledged the failed policies of the past and emphasized the importance of redirecting resources towards tackling issues like opioid addiction and mental health.

Kimmel then lightened the mood by sharing a surprising fact with Harris – there is a strain of cannabis named after her called “Kamala Kush.” The Vice President expressed amusement and surprise, expressing her disappointment that she hadn’t received any samples.

The conversation turned serious again as Kimmel questioned Harris about potential actions Trump might take against his political enemies if reelected. Harris expressed concerns about the weaponization of the Department of Justice and Trump’s apparent admiration for dictators. She emphasized the need to protect democratic values and the importance of upholding International rules and norms.

In closing, Kimmel posed a lighthearted question about whether Harris had ever been bitten by former President Trump’s dog. Harris responded with a quick “no” and the conversation concluded with a lively exchange.

Overall, Vice President Kamala Harris‘s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live provided viewers with an engaging discussion on pressing issues such as reproductive rights, healthcare, and the potential threats to democracy. Her passion and commitment to these causes were evident throughout the interview, making for an entertaining and thought-provoking evening on the talk show.