On a recent episode of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, actor and comedian Kevin Pollak made an appearance to promote his television series “Coming of Age” and his upcoming comedy special “One Night Stand” on HBO. In addition to talking about his projects, Pollak decided to teach host Johnny Carson his impression of the iconic detective character Columbo, played by Peter Falk.

As Pollak walked onto the set, he immediately caught Carson’s attention with his impression of Peter Falk‘s Columbo. Carson, who was a big fan of the character, was excited to see Pollak’s take on it. The two of them engaged in a playful conversation about the intricacies of the impression.

Carson was particularly curious about Falk’s iconic eye movement as Columbo, and how Pollak managed to mimic it. Pollak explained that he would cross his eyes and then look to the left, causing one eye to appear as if it were moving independently. He demonstrated the technique to Carson, who attempted to replicate it with varying degrees of success.

Throughout the segment, Pollak showcased his talent for impersonations, including his spot-on impression of Reverend Jim from the TV show “Taxi.” He shared a funny anecdote about how he used the impression to ward off unwanted solicitors at his front door. His quick thinking and comedic timing left Carson and the audience in stitches.

As the conversation continued, Pollak mentioned that he enjoys doing political impressions but finds George Bush particularly challenging. He noted that impressions evolve over time, with new figures becoming popular among comedians. He likened Jack Nicholson’s popularity in the 80s to Richard Nixon’s in previous decades.

In conclusion, Kevin Pollak‘s appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson was filled with laughter and entertainment. From his expert imitation of Peter Falk‘s Columbo to his hilarious stories and impersonations, Pollak proved to be a versatile and talented comedian. His ability to capture the essence of iconic characters is a testament to his skill and dedication to the art of impersonation.

Overall, this segment was a memorable moment on the talk show and a testament to the talent and humor of both Kevin Pollak and Johnny Carson.