In a recent episode of the popular talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, host Jimmy Kimmel provided viewers with a lively and entertaining discussion on a range of topics. From space travel to politics to an unusual animal documentary, Kimmel’s show had it all.

Kimmel kicked off the show by discussing the latest in space exploration. Highlighting the first-ever manned flight of the Boeing Starliner spacecraft, Kimmel humorously remarked on the extra precautions taken to ensure the safety of the astronauts, including adding duct tape to the doors. He also touched on the recycling of astronauts’ urine into drinking water and the replacement of a malfunctioning urine recycling pump.

The conversation then shifted to politics, with Kimmel poking fun at both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. Kimmel mentioned Biden’s recent trip to France to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day and made a lighthearted joke about him searching for buried nudie mags. He contrasted this with Trump’s refusal to visit a cemetery of fallen American soldiers in France during his presidency, citing rain and concerns about his hair. Kimmel also highlighted Trump’s surprising flip-flop on mail-in voting, recalling his past claims that it was corrupt and susceptible to fraud. However, Trump is now encouraging his supporters to vote early, including using mail-in ballots.

The talk show host then turned his attention to the legal battles faced by Trump in various states. He spoke about conflicting rulings in New York, Florida, and Georgia, and the delays caused by a Trump-appointed judge. Kimmel remarked on the lack of consequences for Trump after his numerous lawsuits and criticized the slow progress of the cases.

Shifting gears, Kimmel discussed a recent scandal in Major League Baseball involving San Diego Padres infielder, Tuc Marcano. Marcano has been banned for life due to placing over 400 bets on baseball, 230 of them on his former team, the Pittsburgh Pirates. Kimmel sarcastically highlighted Marcano’s poor gambling skills, winning only 4% of his bets.

In honor of Pride Month, Kimmel also brought up the Pride Parade in West Hollywood, sharing a humorous list of the five least popular floats. Adding a touch of satire, he mentioned that Pride Month is a time for straight people to do “weird angry things” and referenced a controversial bar event in Idaho where free draft beers were offered to straight men dressed like “straight guys.”

Lastly, Kimmel addressed the outrage from right-wingers over an upcoming documentary on Peacock called “Queer Planet.” Mocking the critics’ claims about animals being “turned gay” by the documentary, Kimmel discussed wildlife sanctuaries that promote a “Straight Zoo” with heterosexual animals as a counterpoint to the so-called “woke and ultra-gay agendas” of nature.

With his trademark humor and wit, Kimmel delivered a humorous and lively episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live that touched on everything from space exploration to politics to Pride Month controversies. As always, viewers were treated to an entertaining and engaging talk show experience.