In a recent episode of the talk show Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend, renowned director Ron Howard revealed an interesting anecdote about how he ended up becoming the narrator of the hit show “Arrested Development.” It turns out that the decision to have Howard as the narrator was not part of the original plan.

During the conversation with Conan O’Brien, Howard shared that when he signed up for the TV show “Happy Days,” he never anticipated it would become such a massive success. As the show evolved, especially with the popularity of Henry Winkler‘s character Fonzi, it shifted focus, and Howard found himself at the heart of this juggernaut.

Happy Days became the show that everyone watched, and Howard was surrounded by a talented team, including legendary comedy director Jerry Paris. Working on the show provided Howard with an education in front of an audience and a deeper understanding of timing and comedic delivery.

The experience on Happy Days eventually led Howard to his career as a director. He directed movies like “Night Shift” and “Splash,” where he utilized the skills he had learned from his time on the TV show. The interactions with live audiences and the energy they brought significantly influenced his directing style and comedic instincts.

While discussing the making of Arrested Development, Howard and the show’s creator Mitch Hurwitz aimed to capture the speed and density of comedy similar to The Simpsons. Howard pitched the idea of having a narrator, which Hurwitz initially dismissed. However, after Howard temporarily provided the voiceover during the pilot’s post-production, the pilot tested exceptionally well.

Mitch Hurwitz called Howard with the news that the pilot had tested well, and the narrator, voiced by Howard, had received the highest ratings. Howard found himself surprised by the mixed news: Arrested Development had been picked up, but he now had to commit to being the show’s narrator.

The decision for Howard to become the narrator of Arrested Development was a stroke of luck. His voice became synonymous with the show, adding another layer of humor and guiding viewers through the endless madness that the characters experienced.

Howard admitted that being the narrator was a joy, but he would often tease Hurwitz about relying on the narrator to bail him out when there were a lot of lines to deliver. Nevertheless, the entire cast and the comedic genius of Hurwitz made Arrested Development a home run hitter in the world of television comedy.

The show has become a go-to for Howard and his son, especially on hard days. Arrested Development’s clever writing and brilliant performances make it an evergreen source of laughter. Howard even admitted to discussing specific moments in the show with his friends from the cast, like Will Arnett, who plays G.O.B. Bluth.

Although Howard never expected to become the narrator of Arrested Development, his presence adds an extra layer of brilliance to an already perfect show. So, if you’re in need of a good laugh, don’t think twice about diving into the hilarious world of Arrested Development and enjoy Ron Howard‘s masterful narration.