On a recent episode of the popular talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, the legendary comedian and writer, Larry David, made an appearance to discuss a range of topics, including his hit show, Curb Your Enthusiasm, a supermarket altercation, and even answering phone calls during intercourse.

Known for his cantankerous yet hilarious personality, Larry David wasted no time in expressing his annoyance at the current cultural phenomenon of people saying “uh” instead of “you’re welcome.” He humorously called for this trend to be eradicated as soon as possible.

The conversation then shifted to an altercation Larry David had in a supermarket. He recounted a situation where someone ahead of him in the express lane with less than 10 items took advantage of the rule. Although six of those items were bottles of ketchup, the man argued that it counted as one item. Larry David, true to his nature, expressed his displeasure and a physical altercation broke out. It turns out the man was an older gentleman and a Holocaust survivor, which provided an interesting perspective on their confrontation.

With a hint of sarcasm, Larry David shared his knee injury from the altercation and revealed that he now attends physical therapy sessions. In a lighthearted manner, he mentioned hiring a stretcher person to come to his home and help with the rehabilitation process. However, to Larry’s surprise, after a stretching session, when he was asked to walk to see how his knee felt, he didn’t notice any improvement. The stretcher person left his house without saying goodbye, which Larry found rude and questioned the importance of a proper farewell.

In his usual self-deprecating fashion, Larry David shared a funny incident about a friend who stayed over at his house. When the friend left, Larry was in the basement, and instead of walking up the stairs to say goodbye, he simply shouted it from below. This led to an amusing disagreement between Larry and his friend about the etiquette of goodbyes.

The conversation then delved into Larry David‘s personal life. He revealed that his great-grandmother had dated the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. Larry humorously recounted how Nietzsche had written his famous work, “Thus Spoke Zarathustra,” and asked his great-grandmother to read it. She struggled and admitted she found it “no fun.” To make matters more amusing, Nietzsche believed the character in the book resembled Larry’s great-grandmother. Despite their comedic differences, Larry David and Nietzsche eventually broke up.

The interview took a hilarious turn when Jimmy Kimmel asked Larry David about his married life. Larry humorously pondered if he would call his wife again if they were on their second date. The comedian jokingly compared a second date to a job interview, implying that he might not have called his wife for a second date if given the chance.

As the interview neared its conclusion, an interesting revelation came to light. Jimmy Kimmel mentioned that Larry David‘s appearance on his show was initially canceled due to the comedian mourning the loss of his friend, Richard Lewis. However, to Jimmy’s surprise, he bumped into Larry at a party after hosting the Oscars, where Larry candidly explained that he used his friend’s death as an excuse to avoid a show he didn’t want to do.

Larry David‘s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live was filled with humor and candid storytelling, showcasing his unique brand of entertainment. Fans of the chat show and Larry David himself were treated to a lively and amusing conversation that only he could deliver with such finesse.