Annette Bening made a hilarious visit to her childhood home recently, accompanied by none other than Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson. The talented actress, currently generating Oscar buzz for her role in the new film Being Julia, shared this amusing anecdote during her appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

Bening, who is a mother of four, was born in Kansas and moved to San Diego at the age of seven. The star was in Washington DC for the Kennedy Center Honors when she decided to make a detour to her childhood home. Beatty, Nicholson, and their friend Rudy joined her in this spontaneous adventure.

The group arrived in Wichita and decided to take a quick trip down memory lane. Bening noted that the house was still intact, a rare sight as many houses from her childhood have been torn down and replaced. The current occupants, who happened to be neighbors from Bening’s childhood, welcomed them warmly and gave them a tour of the house. Bening couldn’t help but reminisce about her fond memories there.

During the interview, Bening also shared sweet moments about her family. With Beatty, she has four children, ages twelve, ten, seven, and four. Despite being a lot to handle, she expressed how close they are and how they take care of each other. Bening also praised Beatty for being a great dad, highlighting his communicative nature and rationality.

When it comes to her career, Bening revealed that her children have shown some interest in the theater. She enjoys taking them to live shows, although they also enjoy movies. Bening has been fortunate enough to have her children accompany her on some of her work trips, especially during the summer. She recounted how they all spent time in Hungary while she was filming Being Julia.

Bening’s talent as an actress was not the only thing catching attention during the talk show. It turns out her face bears a striking resemblance to the new Colombia logo. Bening laughingly shared that she discovered this when one of the people working on the logo mentioned it to her. She was flattered and thrilled to be a source of inspiration for such an iconic symbol.

The interview ended with Bening discussing her role in Being Julia. She described her character as a theater diva who undergoes a personal journey throughout the film. Bening shared that the movie explores moments where people fall apart, how they navigate love affairs, and come to terms with themselves. She expressed her excitement for audiences to watch the film and witness her character’s transformation.

Being Julia premiered in New York and Los Angeles, and will soon be showing in theaters across the country. Bening’s exceptional performance in the film is definitely worth watching. Catch it on the big screen and see why she is receiving such high praise.

Overall, Bening’s visit to her childhood home, her insights into motherhood, and her discussion of her latest film made for an entertaining and lively interview on The Ellen Degeneres Show. With her charm and talent, it’s no wonder Bening continues to captivate audiences both on and off the screen.

Originally aired on October 14, 2004