In a thrilling bonus round of the talk show, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Johnny Knoxville and Jimmy teamed up to play a heart-pounding game of Password. The stakes were high, with a chance to win $25,000 on the line.

Sykes, the lucky contestant, was filled with excitement as he prepared to take on the challenge alongside both Jimmy and Johnny. Winning the grand prize would mean the world to Sykes, as he revealed his plans to use the money for a fairy-tale wedding with his high school sweetheart.

The bonus round began with the rules explained by Jimmy. Sykes was given 30 seconds to guess as many passwords as possible, starting from the letter E and continuing through each letter until N. If he managed to answer all 10 correctly, he would walk away with the full $25,000 prize.

Sykes decided to start off the round with Johnny by his side. The crowd cheered them on as they embarked on this nerve-wracking challenge. The clock started ticking, and the first password was revealed – “Tennessee.” Sykes didn’t miss a beat and confidently guessed the correct answer. The duo continued to rack up correct guesses, with five in total, earning Sykes $5,000.

While Sykes did an impressive job, Jimmy was up next, hoping to add to the winnings. The pressure was on as he aimed to make this wedding dreams come true. With the possibility of a $25,000 payday just 30 seconds away, Jimmy tackled the remaining passwords.

Although he encountered a few bumps along the way, Jimmy managed to answer eight passwords correctly, earning an additional $8,000. The total winnings now amounted to $13,000, a significant amount of money that Sykes got to keep no matter what.

But the adventure wasn’t over yet. Sykes, Johnny, and Jimmy had a chance to double their winnings with one final password. The stakes were raised as they huddled together to strategize and come up with the correct answer. The final clue was revealed – “Gamble.”

With only 30 seconds to deliberate, the trio brainstormed possible answers. Ideas like “casino” and “riverboat” were thrown around, but in the end, they settled on “casino” as their final answer. The tension was palpable as they awaited the verdict.

And they were right! The crowd erupted in cheers as the host confirmed that the correct password was indeed “casino.” Sykes had doubled his winnings, taking home a grand total of $26,000.

It was a remarkable moment of triumph as Sykes celebrated his impressive performance and the generosity of the talk show. The game may have come to an end, but the memories and the excitement would surely last a lifetime.

Watch this electrifying episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon as Johnny Knoxville and Jimmy team up to conquer the challenging game of Password and witness the joy of Sykes as he secures a substantial sum for his dream wedding.