During a recent episode of the talk show “Conan O’Brien Needs A Fan”, the host had an unexpected guest join him via video call. The guest, named Brad, appeared on screen wearing a protective helmet and a bright orange construction jersey. It was immediately clear that Brad‘s profession involved working in a unique and challenging environment.

Brad introduced himself as a miner from Manan Island, Gore Bay, Canada. Manan Island is home to around 12,000 residents and is about a two-hour drive across. Conan jokingly compared it to Gilligan’s Island, albeit larger than that but smaller than the big island of Hawaii.

Conan was intrigued by Brad‘s attire, which was covered in dirt. Brad explained that he used to work underground as a shaft miner. Although he no longer works directly in mining, he still goes underground about once every two weeks as part of his current role in capital projects.

The conversation between Conan and Brad quickly turned to the topic of lunchboxes, a nostalgic item for many. Conan, never having had a profession that required one, expressed his envy. Brad shared that he used to have a metal lunchbox, which he could sit on while waiting for the mining cage. Conan found this fascinating and wondered what kind of food Brad would eat while deep underground.

Brad explained that when working 1.6 miles underground, the temperature was approximately 123 degrees Fahrenheit. To combat the extreme heat, miners would go to a place called a Refuge Station, which is air-conditioned. There, they could enjoy their lunch in a relatively comfortable setting.

Conan humorously suggested that Brad could cook fajitas on a rock using the Earth’s heat to fry them up. Brad chuckled at the idea, acknowledging that it would be a unique experience to eat a fajita cooked by Earth’s molten core. However, he speculated that it might taste a little metallic.

As the conversation continued, Conan asked Brad about any profound thoughts he might have while working deep underground. Brad mentioned that it was fascinating to be the first person standing in a newly excavated tunnel. It made him appreciate the incredible work that goes into mining and the many people involved in making it happen.

Conan, always known for his humor, couldn’t help but ask if anyone ever “flips their wig” or goes crazy during their time underground. Brad confirmed that it occasionally happens, especially when people can’t handle the darkness or the thought of being so far underground. However, he reassured Conan that such occurrences are relatively rare.

Conan bantered with Brad, imagining a scenario where he would join him for a mining adventure. Conan humorously asked if Brad would take him back up if he started to freak out in the cage. Brad jokingly replied that he might slap Conan to bring him around, but quickly clarified that physical interventions are no longer acceptable – a sign of changing times.

Overall, the conversation between Conan O’Brien and Brad provided an intriguing and entertaining glimpse into the life of a miner working 1.6 miles underground. It shed light on the challenges and unique experiences that come with such a profession.