In a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Guillermo made a hilarious appearance at NBA Media Day 2024. The talk show segment featured Guillermo interviewing various NBA players in his usual comedic style.

Guillermo kicked off the segment by congratulating a player for making it to the finals, while jokingly pointing out that he had the wrong gear on. With a quick fix, Guillermo continued his fun-filled interview session.

Using his “magic bucket,” Guillermo asked the players quirky questions and engaged in lighthearted banter. One of his questions revolved around the hit sitcom “Young Sheldon” finally ending after seven seasons. The players seemed surprised by Guillermo‘s reference to the show, showcasing their comedic side.

Guillermo‘s infectious energy spread as he encountered a Mexican leprechaun, challenged players to guess marshmallows blindfolded, and even offered lucky charms as prizes. The segment also included Guillermo‘s witty jokes, such as his question about the difference between an Irishman and an alcoholic (hint: it’s about attending meetings).

Throughout the interview, Guillermo‘s fun-filled shenanigans continued. From handing players sandwiches and asking about their toenails to discussing tattoos and impersonating a Boston accent, he entertained both the players and the audience.

Even though Guillermo occasionally wandered off-topic, such as mentioning his love life, he created a jovial atmosphere. The players played along and interacted with Guillermo with great humor, making the segment immensely enjoyable.

As the interview progressed, Guillermo shared a message of goodwill with one player, squashing their previous “beef” and offering a flower as a peace gesture. He also engaged in a playful conversation about beating Air Bud in a game of one-on-one and gifted lucky coins to the players as a sign of good luck in their upcoming games.

Guillermo‘s interview concluded with an amusing question about the disappearance of really tiny shorts in basketball. While nobody had a definitive answer, the lightheartedness of the conversation showcased Guillermo‘s ability to create laughter even in seemingly insignificant discussions.

Overall, Guillermo‘s appearance at NBA Media Day on Jimmy Kimmel Live brought a refreshing dose of humor to the world of basketball. His witty banter, funny questions, and entertaining interactions with the players made for an unforgettable segment packed with laughter and joy.

Fans of the talk show, as well as enthusiasts of the NBA and Jimmy Kimmel Live, are sure to appreciate Guillermo‘s hilarious antics and the joyful atmosphere he created on screen.