The Ellen DeGeneres Show recently aired a hilarious and memorable episode featuring celebrities Nick Lachey and Annette Bening. The talk show, known for its lively and entertaining atmosphere, did not disappoint with this episode.

Host Ellen DeGeneres kicked off the show with her signature charm and wit, thanking the audience for their warm welcome. She shared a relatable story about her poor memory, comparing herself to the forgetful fish character Dory from Finding Nemo. DeGeneres humorously expressed her envy for people who can remember every detail of their childhood while she only has fragmented and out-of-focus memories, often featuring Parker Posey and Christina Ricci.

She then discussed the scientific link between smell and memory, mentioning that Richard Axel and Linda Buck recently won the Nobel Prize for their research on the subject. DeGeneres hilariously revealed how certain smells trigger unique memories for her, like associating the smell of hamburgers with the need to work out. She even shared a few childhood memories prompted by the scents of freshly cut grass and hay.

Amidst her humorous anecdotes, DeGeneres showcased her dancing skills, delighting the audience with her enthusiasm and infectious energy. She exclaimed, “I love to dance!” while grooving to the music.

Switching gears, DeGeneres took the opportunity to discuss important matters. As October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, she highlighted’s exclusive collection of pink items, with all profits going towards breast cancer research. She also revealed that Target generously donated $55,000 to the cause.

DeGeneres then updated the audience on the RSVP Ellen campaign, which had received an overwhelming number of invites. She read out various invitations, contemplating which event to attend. From attending a 100th birthday party to going trick-or-treating, DeGeneres expressed her excitement and gratitude for the invitations pouring in from all over.

Following the commercial break, the show welcomed esteemed actress Annette Bening, who is receiving significant Oscar buzz for her role in the film “Being Julia.” DeGeneres greeted Bening with her trademark warmth and admiration.

Throughout the show, DeGeneres showcased her genuine connection with her audience, engaging in playful banter and sharing amusing stories. Her natural ability to entertain and her relatability continue to make “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” a must-watch for fans of talk shows and entertainment alike.

Originally aired on October 14, 2004