On a recent episode of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” the host kicked off with a special mention of the 80th anniversary of D-Day. To commemorate this historic event, leaders from all over the world, including President Biden, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Tom Hanks, the king of World War II, visited Normandy. And here’s a fun fact: if you whisper “Omaha Beach” three times into a mirror, Tom Hanks magically appears and delivers an inspiring speech that makes you proud to be an American.

President Biden had the honor of spending time with approximately 150 American veterans, including two dozen who fought on D-Day. The youngest of these veterans is a remarkable 96 years old. It’s amazing to see these veterans still making an impact and reminding us of the sacrifices they made for our nation. They even managed to make President Biden look young, thanks to their incredible service.

In other news, the NYPD is taking action against former President Trump following his conviction of 34 felonies. They are preparing to revoke his license to carry a gun, leaving him without his signature bragging right of being able to stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody without losing a single vote. Perhaps now he’ll have to resort to less harmful forms of mischief, like giving someone a rubber band snap or a classic Wet Willie.

But Trump, never one to back down, claimed that Joe Biden was behind his conviction and accused him of weaponizing the justice department. However, it’s a bit hard to take him seriously when the Department of Justice is currently prosecuting several Democratic figures, including Congressman Henry Quar and even Biden’s own son, Hunter, for allegedly lying on a gun purchase form. Maybe the justice department didn’t get Trump’s memo about protecting his allies.

On a lighter note, during his appearance on Hannity, Trump shared some advice for children, urging them to say no to drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. He even mentioned having friends who can’t stop smoking, delivering a powerful anti-smoking message that would make Nancy Reagan proud. It’s always reassuring to see celebrities using their platform to promote healthy choices.

Continuing with the theme of unity, Trump called on Americans to put aside their differences and love one another, referencing the famous unity displayed in the UFC. He even jokingly said that MMA stands for “Mwah,” mimicking the sound of a kiss. Leave it to a former casino owner to bring some unexpected humor to the topic of violence and sports.

Switching gears to a more unusual controversy, New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez found himself at the center of an Egyptian meat scandal. Menendez, along with his wife, is accused of accepting cash, gold bars, and other gifts from businessmen in exchange for using his political influence. It seems like the plot of a crime drama, aptly named “Halal and Order: Kebab Victims Unit.”

To gather evidence against Menendez, the FBI conducted surveillance on his meetings with the Egyptian businessmen at a steakhouse near the White House. While one of Menendez’s attorneys argued that these meetings were innocent since the senator was a regular at the steakhouse, it raises questions about conducting illicit activities in such a public place. Plus, it’s quite the coincidence that Menendez happened to eat at the steakhouse 250 nights a year.

In other news, Senate Republicans recently blocked a bill that aimed to protect access to contraception. This move is seen by many as hypocritical, considering that recent polls show 80% of voters consider access to contraception deeply important. The bill was brought forth in response to a Supreme Court decision that threatened privacy rights. To raise awareness of the issue, Americans for Contraception even unveiled a giant inflatable IUD, standing at a towering 20 feet, outside Union Station in DC. It certainly caught the attention of passersby.

With all these intriguing topics, it’s clear that “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” continues to entertain and inform its viewers. Whether it’s honoring WWII veterans, delving into political controversies, or shedding light on important issues, Colbert never fails to deliver an entertaining and insightful show.