On a recent episode of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” the charismatic host brought his signature wit and humor to a variety of topical news stories. Colbert, known for his engaging monologues, dished out the latest trends and happenings in an entertaining and lively manner.

Starting off with some intriguing baby name trends, Colbert shared that the website BabyCenter has released its list of the five biggest baby name trends of 2024. One standout trend is names inspired by movies, with the name “Channy” from “Dune” rising more than 3,300 spots in popularity. However, Colbert couldn’t help but notice the lack of babies named “Anus-faced Sandworm” and humorously pointed out the surprising oversight.

Switching gears, Colbert then delved into the world of snacks, revealing that Goldfish crackers have debuted a new flavor: Spicy Dill Pickle. With a humorous quip about his own stripper name being “Dusty Pickle,” Colbert added a comedic touch to the news. His witty banter brought a delightful energy to the segment, making even snack announcements entertaining.

In a nod to fine dining, Colbert mentioned that the world’s best restaurant awards were recently handed out, with the winner being “Dutar” in Barcelona. Known for its imaginative and playful dishes executed with technical mastery, the restaurant was recognized during a grand ceremony in Las Vegas. Colbert, never one to skip a beat, humorously compared it to a restaurant in America that already stuffs donuts with pumpkin pie filling. His amusing commentary added a light-hearted touch to the news of the culinary world.

Next on the list, Colbert shared a surprising revelation – Dr Pepper is now as popular as Pepsi. With a playful tone, he joked about Mr. Pibb and RC Cola being unavailable for comment after what authorities are calling a “grizzly murder-suicide.” Colbert’s ability to infuse humor into even the most unexpected stories kept the audience engaged and entertained.

Colbert wrapped up the segment by highlighting a unique trend in Hollywood – the rise of “hot rodent men” as heartthrobs. Actors like Barry Kogan, Kieran Culen, and Jeremy Allen White, who possess unconventional features, have garnered attention as the new sex symbols. Colbert playfully remarked on their distinguishing features, adding a touch of whimsy to the conversation. Additionally, he couldn’t resist mentioning the unfulfilled promise of a threesome in a movie called “Challengers.”

In a final twist, Colbert shared the innovative use of artificial intelligence by Domino’s Pizza. The pizza chain is now using AI to start making pizzas before customers even place their orders. Colbert amusingly referenced his favorite sci-fi movie, “Pinor,” where a similar concept is explored. The clever humor and pop culture references served to entertain and engage the audience throughout the segment.

With his trademark comedic delivery, Stephen Colbert brought the talk show format to life. His lively discussion of current news and trends ensured that viewers were entertained from start to finish. Colbert’s ability to infuse humor into even the most unexpected topics made this segment a must-watch for fans of the chat show and lovers of entertaining television.