In a recent episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show, James Spader and Debbie Reynolds made for an entertaining and lively conversation. Spader, who won an Emmy last year for his role in The Practice and currently stars in Boston Legal, kept the audience engaged with his sense of humor and quick wit.

During the show, Spader shared his thoughts on what people look for in a relationship, highlighting a sense of humor as a top priority. He humorously pointed out the importance of finding someone who is both generous and will applaud you, qualities that are often overlooked. Spader even mentioned a woman from Sydney, Australia, who went to great lengths, including renting a billboard, to find a husband. He jokingly questioned whether a rich guy who doesn’t smoke or drink would be funny, adding that anyone with a real sense of humor would make fun of the billboard while smoking and drinking.

Debbie Reynolds, the legendary singer, dancer, and actress, also joined Ellen on the show. Known for her triple threat talents, Reynolds entertained the audience with her charm and energetic presence. In addition to talking about her upcoming projects, including the Disney Channel’s Halloween Town High, Reynolds reminisced about her last appearance on the show where she attempted Fred Astaire’s renowned dance move over a chair.

The episode was filled with amusing moments and laughter. Ellen didn’t disappoint either, engaging in playful banter with her guests and even showcasing her dance skills. James Spader and Debbie Reynolds showed that a good sense of humor is a must-have in any relationship and brought joy to the audience.

On a separate note, Ellen encouraged her viewers to participate in her “Ellen’s ring reporter” segment, where they can become roving reporters and cover events in their local areas. By sending in a one-minute videotape, viewers could have a chance to be featured on the show.

As always, Ellen’s show provided an enjoyable and entertaining experience, leaving her audience excited for the next episode. With engaging guests like James Spader and Debbie Reynolds, The Ellen Degeneres Show continues to showcase the best in entertainment and humor.

Originally aired on October 29, 2004