Noel Gallagher recently appeared as a guest on the talk show, Alan Carr: Chatty Man, for their Christmas Special in 2017. The interview, which was aired on [Air Date], was filled with humor, banter, and some surprising revelations.

During the interview, Noel was offered a variety of drinks, including lemoncello, amaretto, beer, and lager. He jokingly declined a tasting of a certain drink, stating that it must be good for him if Carr recommended it. The conversation was light-hearted and playful, with plenty of laughs.

Carr noticed that Gallagher had snow in his hair and promptly offered to help him get rid of it. This exchange led to discussions about Christmas and how Gallagher, despite being named after the holiday, doesn’t really fancy it. He confessed that Christmas adverts annoy him but admitted to receiving a hefty sum of money for having his songs featured in Christmas commercials.

The topic shifted to Christmas number ones, with Carr asking if Gallagher ever had one. The musician revealed that his band, Oasis, did reach number three on the charts in the ’90s with a single released around Christmastime. He humorously recounted the events of that day, mentioning how he woke up in a bush after a night of pub-hopping. Despite not scoring a Christmas number one, he reflected on the success of his career.

The conversation then turned to Gallagher’s latest album, “Who Built the Moon.” Carr asked why people should buy his album instead of Nick Knowles’, and Gallagher responded with his trademark confidence. He revealed that he wrote all the songs himself and described the album as “brilliant.” When asked to rate it among his other works, he didn’t hesitate to call it his favorite.

Carr commended Gallagher on the success of his latest album, noting that it had become his third number one in a row. Gallagher took the opportunity to modestly acknowledge the achievement but emphasized that he didn’t like making a big deal out of it.

The discussion delved into the psychedelic sound of the album, with Carr playfully suggesting that Gallagher aimed for a psychedelic vibe. Gallagher corrected him, stating that he wouldn’t label it as psychedelic, as it evokes images of facial hair and flares, which he clearly lacks. Instead, he referred to it as “cosmic pop.” He credited the great chemistry between himself and the album’s producer, David Holmes, for the unique sound.

Towards the end of the interview, Gallagher revealed that he would be embarking on a world tour after Christmas. Carr was curious about the tour’s plans and asked if Gallagher would have elaborate stage setups like his brother, Liam, who had recently been on tour. Gallagher humorously responded that he would be singing his own songs, keeping it simple yet captivating.

Carr couldn’t resist mentioning the playful feud between Liam and Gallagher over a scissor player on a previous TV appearance. Gallagher shared that the idea wasn’t his but rather the scissor player’s. He found it amusing and saw it as an opportunity to cause a stir. The internet went wild, and Liam retaliated by asking fans to bring potato peelers to his shows. Carr playfully inquired if Gallagher had anything planned to top that on his upcoming tour. Gallagher responded with a mischievous grin, hinting that there might be surprises in store.

To demonstrate his musical abilities, Gallagher agreed to an impromptu audition. Carr introduced a random generator that would select an Oasis song for Gallagher to play using a household object. The first song was “Live Forever” played with a sieve. Gallagher effortlessly picked up the sieve and strummed out the iconic chords while Carr sang along.

The interview ended on a high note, with everyone in the studio applauding Gallagher’s performance. It was a lighthearted and entertaining segment that showcased Gallagher’s wit, talent, and his ability to roll with the punches.