Giles Wood and Mary Killen, famous for their appearances on Gogglebox, made a hilarious guest appearance on the Alan Carr: Chatty Man Christmas Special. The transcript of their conversation reveals their witty banter and charming personalities.

During the interview, Alan Carr asked them about their life off-camera and their newly released book, “The Diary of T’Nova.” The couple explained that the book is their way of poking fun at themselves before anyone else does. It serves as a witty collection of diary entries, opening up about their grudges and funny moments within their relationship.

Giles and Mary also mentioned the therapeutic aspect of writing the book. It allowed them to express their frustrations and find humor in them once they were written down. They even recommended that all married couples should keep a diary for some therapeutic relief.

The couple jokingly discussed the quirks they have noticed about each other. Giles complained about Mary carrying an excessive amount of stuff, earning her the title of a “bag woman.” However, during their stay in a hotel, Mary’s habit came in handy as she carried two pairs of nail scissors, which Giles found useful.

The book not only serves as therapy but also serves as a way to reminisce about their past experiences. Giles and Mary claimed that as they grow older, it becomes harder to remember everything. Having a diary helps them look back and remember the moments they have shared.

Giles and Mary then playfully commented on other celebrities, including Jimmy Carr‘s unique voice and laughter, likening it to a seat laughing somewhere else. They also mentioned their love for nature documentaries, particularly Blue Planet, and their appreciation of Peter York‘s show on hipsters, mentioning it was interesting as it touched on the crisis in masculinity.

As the conversation came to a close, Alan Carr wished them luck with their book and continued success on Gogglebox. Overall, Giles Wood and Mary Killen provided an entertaining and engaging interview during the Alan Carr: Chatty Man Christmas Special.

Fans of Gogglebox and those curious about their off-camera lives will surely enjoy reading “The Diary of T’Nova,” which promises to be a humorous and insightful look into their relationship. The interview showcased their witty personalities and left viewers wanting more from this charismatic couple.

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