Fans of the popular chat show, Alan Carr: Chatty Man, were treated to an entertaining and lively interview recently when James Blunt made an appearance. Blunt, known for his hit song “You’re Beautiful,” brought his trademark humor and wit to the show, leaving viewers with plenty to talk about.

During the interview, Blunt and Carr shared a drink together, with Blunt requesting a pina colada as his first choice. The conversation soon turned to Blunt’s unique home setup, which includes a pub called Raimundo’s in his back garden. Not stopping there, Blunt revealed that he also has a nightclub at the end of his garden, appropriately named “Blunt Ease Nightclub,” complete with a neon sign that reads “where everybody’s beautiful.”

Blunt’s nightclub comes with its own quirky feature – a mannequin named Svetlana who controls the door. Blunt humorously explained that using a mannequin as a doorman is cheaper and she doesn’t get tired of hearing his friends’ names. However, he did admit that he had to bury another mannequin named Nadia in the garden after it got broken during a wild night out.

Throughout the interview, Blunt showcased his quick wit and ability to entertain. He joked about the eccentric parties he throws, including ladies nights and golf nights, and even quipped that “every night is a lesbian night” in his nightclub. Blunt also discussed his current world tour and the re-release of his album, “Moon Landings,” just in time for Christmas. When asked about the album title, Blunt shared a surprising revelation – a “moon landing” is a term used to describe a certain accidental encounter between two men in a gym.

Blunt’s self-deprecating humor shone through when Carr brought up the mixed reactions to his music. Blunt acknowledged that some people may have grown tired of his smash hit, “You’re Beautiful,” being overplayed on the radio. He humorously remarked that “people think you’re beautiful” and teased that some listeners might be upset to discover the song’s darker meaning, involving drug use and stalking.

The interview took a hilarious turn when Carr mentioned how Blunt seems to relish in the negative attention he receives online. Blunt admitted that he actively seeks out the worst comments about himself and engages with his detractors on Twitter. The banter between Blunt and his haters has become legendary, with Blunt coming up with clever retorts that leave his critics speechless.

However, Blunt humorously lamented that the abuse has dwindled recently, leaving him with less material to work with. In a tongue-in-cheek invitation to his fans and haters, Blunt encouraged them to continue sending their abuse his way, promising to make it entertaining for everyone. He even offered his mailing address to those who prefer to send their insults on a postcard.

Blunt’s appearance on Alan Carr: Chatty Man certainly did not disappoint. From his pub and nightclub antics to his witty comebacks to haters, Blunt showcased his playful and fun-loving personality. Fans of the show and Blunt alike were left entertained and eager for more of his music and amusing interactions.