In a recent episode of the talk show “Alan Carr: Chatty Man,” renowned actor Hugh Grant made headlines with his candid interview. The conversation started off lighthearted as Grant was offered a drink by Alan Carr, the host of the show. Grant humorously requested a Malibu and pineapple, expressing his fondness for the tropical flavor.

The discussion quickly moved on to Grant’s latest film, “The Rewrite.” Despite being marketed as a romantic comedy, Grant described it as having deeper elements beyond the typical genre conventions. The film follows the story of a successful screenwriter who, after facing a string of failures, reluctantly starts teaching screenwriting at a university.

When asked about his chemistry with his co-star, Grant acknowledged their differences in acting methods but emphasized their mutual liking for each other. Grant humorously commented on the unpredictable nature of on-screen chemistry, where sometimes a strong off-screen bond translates into a lackluster on-screen dynamic, and vice versa.

The conversation took an amusing turn when Grant mentioned his experiences with leading ladies in films. He confessed that he had a penchant for his co-stars and believed that having genuine attraction added to the fun of the film. Grant even jokingly compared the process to speed-dating.

The conversation then delved into Grant’s past on-screen experiences, including a memorable kissing scene with Julia Roberts in “Notting Hill.” Grant playfully mentioned being conscious of Roberts’ larger mouth during the scene, but ultimately enjoyed working with her.

Grant also recalled a man-on-man kiss in one of his earlier films, where he didn’t have to passionately kiss his co-star, as their characters had a platonic relationship. Grant shared a humorous anecdote about a more explicit scene involving other characters from the film.

The discussion took a serious turn when Grant talked about his involvement in the “hacked off” movement against phone hacking. Grant acknowledged having personal experiences of being hassled by paparazzi, leading to a moment of losing his temper and subsequently getting arrested.

Grant revealed an incident where he attacked a paparazzo and his friend, resulting in his own arrest. Grant recounted using a Tupperware packet filled with baked beans as an impromptu weapon during the altercation. The bizarre incident resulted in the camera lens being covered in beans, and Grant being charged with assault with a dangerous weapon.

As the interview came to an end, Grant thanked Carr and wished him luck with the show. The episode showcased Grant’s candidness and humorous nature, giving audiences an entertaining insight into the life of a celebrity.

The episode of Alan Carr: Chatty Man featuring Hugh Grant aired recently, leaving viewers amused and entertained by Grant’s wit and charm.