One of the main highlights of this episode is the appearance of Jodie Whittaker, who stars as the iconic Doctor in “Doctor Who.” Jodie spills some details about the upcoming episodes and reveals that the New Year’s Day special is going to be a big one. She also shares that there will be two parts to look forward to, with the second episode airing on January 5, 2020. The anticipation is definitely building!

But it’s not just Jodie stealing the spotlight on the show. Mandip Gill, who plays one of the companions on “Doctor Who,” surprises everyone by joining the audience. The chemistry between Jodie and Mandip is palpable, and Graham can’t resist suggesting that the group should expand to six members. The banter and laughter that ensue make for some truly memorable moments.

Another guest on the show is Finn Cole, known for his role in the new King Arthur film. Finn reveals that he has done some sword training for his part, and the audience can’t help but take notice of his impressive skills. Graham even jokingly suggests that Finn pose with a lightsaber to make his kids jealous, adding another lighthearted moment to the show.

Continuing with the theme of strength, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, along with his co-stars Kevin Hart and Jack Black, join the show to promote their film “Jumanji: The Next Level.” As always, Dwayne exudes his signature charm and confidence. There’s even a segment where Dwayne demonstrates his ability to “smolder,” which has become a fan-favorite trait of his character in the film. The audience can’t help but applaud and enjoy this moment of humor.

Finally, boxing champion Anthony Joshua and actor Greg Davies bring their own rivalry to the show. In a challenge involving a fun fair test of strength machine, the two engage in a face-off that has everyone on the edge of their seats. The friendly competition and camaraderie between these two make for an exciting and entertaining segment.

With its lineup of talented guests and the charismatic hosting of Graham Norton, “The Graham Norton Show” continues to captivate audiences. This particular episode proves once again why it is one of the most popular talk shows on television. The laughs, surprises, and red sofa rivalries make for a truly enjoyable viewing experience. Don’t miss out on this fantastic episode!