Hugh Grant and Simon Helberg recently appeared on Alan Carr: Chatty Man, and the full interview is an absolute delight. The chemistry between these two actors is evident throughout the interview, making it an entertaining and lively watch.

Alan Carr kicks off the interview by offering Hugh and Simon some pineapple and Malibu cocktails. With a playful banter, they accept the drinks and joke about what could go wrong with a pineapple and Malibu combination. It’s clear from the start that this interview is going to be filled with laughs and light-hearted moments.

For those who are unfamiliar, Simon Helberg is best known for his role in the sitcom The Big Bang Theory. When Alan asks Simon about his experience on the show, he shares that there was a lot of screaming when they came out on stage, but he suspects it was all for Hugh Grant. The conversation effortlessly transitions into discussing how The Big Bang Theory is always on television, which Simon humorously refers to as a “prison sentence.”

Alan Carr then asks if Hugh Grant has ever done a sitcom. Hugh jokingly responds that he would be good at it and adds that he enjoys the sitcoms from the seventies. He also mentions that he wouldn’t want to do a sitcom with Simon because they always have one posh character and one common character, and Hugh jokes that he would be the common one, which already elicits laughter from the audience.

The interview continues as they talk about working together in their new film, Florence Foster Jenkins, alongside the legendary Meryl Streep. Hugh expresses his admiration for Meryl, who has been nominated for more Oscars than any other actor. They discuss Meryl’s talent and the nerves she sometimes experiences on big days. Simon shares a humorous anecdote of how he had to hold Meryl’s hand during a scene because she was feeling nervous.

The conversation then turns towards Florence Foster Jenkins, the film they both starred in. Hugh Grant explains that the film is based on the true story of a millionairess in 1940s New York who believed she was a wonderful classical singer, despite being hilariously bad. They discuss the character’s delusion and the laughter she generated from audiences who attended her concerts.

Simon Helberg reveals that he played the pianist in the film and emphasizes that it was his hands featured on the piano. They have a playful exchange regarding the rumors that Elton John’s hands in his performances are actually two packs of Richmond sausages. This exchange perfectly showcases the lighthearted and humorous dynamic between Hugh and Simon.

The interview concludes with a clip from Florence Foster Jenkins, followed by a discussion about filming the movie in Liverpool. They mention that there was a bounty offered for anyone who could take a selfie with Hugh and Meryl. Simon humorously recounts how he owes a Liverpool restaurant three meals, proving that even celebrities sometimes end up with unexpected bills.

This interview is a testament to the charismatic and comedic talents of Hugh Grant and Simon Helberg. They bring their unique personalities to the chat show and provide an enjoyable experience for viewers. For fans of the talk show and Alan Carr: Chatty Man, this full interview is a must-watch.