In a recent episode of Conan O’Brien‘s talk show, a guest, Taylor Tomlinson, shared some valuable advice she received from another talk show host, Stephen Colbert. Tomlinson revealed that Colbert told her she didn’t have to be as good as she thought she had to be right away as a host of a late-night show. According to Colbert, people are just happy to see you and want to hang out with you at night. This philosophy resonated with Tomlinson, who mentioned that it has helped her to not put unnecessary pressure on herself to be hilarious every second.

Tomlinson also humorously mentioned that although Colbert has a show that airs before hers, he enjoys just sitting in his car hot tub in his hometown and listening to Conan O’Brien‘s podcast repeatedly. She playfully criticized Colbert for thinking he doesn’t have to try hard because people are just happy to see him. Tomlinson believes that raising the bar is important for any host.

During their conversation, O’Brien shared some of his own experiences as a late-night talk show host. He admitted that when he started hosting “The Late Night Show,” he used to work too hard before the show by entertaining the audience as if it were the last show they would ever see. However, he eventually realized that this approach was unnecessary and even needy. O’Brien learned to save his energy and not give everything upfront, understanding that the television viewers, who saw him interact with the audience, perceived him differently than the live audience did.

Both O’Brien and Tomlinson agreed that finding the right approach to engaging with guests before the show can be challenging. Tomlinson mentioned that she used to go into the dressing rooms to establish a connection and get a reading of what the chemistry would be like. O’Brien pointed out that due to time constraints, he often meets the panelists when they are already rehearsing with the writers. However, he also emphasized the importance of making guests feel comfortable and building a relationship prior to them coming out on stage.

Despite some lighthearted banter, it is evident that both O’Brien and Tomlinson acknowledge the different processes and preferences that hosts and guests may have. Each person has their own way of preparing and finding what works best for them and their show. Ultimately, the key is to ensure that whatever approach is taken, it serves the individual host and creates a comfortable and engaging environment for guests and viewers alike.

In this episode, Taylor Tomlinson‘s conversation with Conan O’Brien provided valuable insights into the behind-the-scenes dynamics of hosting a talk show. It highlighted the importance of understanding one’s own style, managing expectations, and creating a welcoming atmosphere for both guests and the audience.