The cast of “This is England ’90” made an appearance on Alan Carr: Chatty Man, and it was a lively and entertaining interview. The talk show, hosted by Alan Carr, is known for its fun and energetic atmosphere, and this episode was no exception.

The cast members, including Steven Graham, Vicky McClure, and Thomas Turgoose, were greeted with applause as they took the stage. The conversation started off with a bang, as Alan Carr asked Thomas Turgoose about a festival he had attended. It seems Thomas may have had a bit too much to drink at the festival, as he jokingly admitted to getting in a sticky situation. The audience erupted in laughter at his anecdote.

The focus then shifted to the television series “This is England ’90”. Alan Carr asked the cast to explain the premise of the show for those who may not have seen it. The series is a continuation of the previous films, with the characters catching up with each other in 1990. The cast reflected on how it has been ten years since they first started working on the project and how much they have grown since then.

The interview took a humorous turn when the topic of “sniff banging” came up. This term, mentioned in the show, had the audience in fits of laughter. The cast members joked about whether or not it was a real thing and even issued a disclaimer for those who may be offended.

As the conversation continued, the cast reminisced about how much things have changed since the ’90s. They talked about the technology of the time, such as having to use landline phones and not being able to pause or rewind television shows. The audience, especially the younger members, seemed amazed by these outdated concepts.

The cast also touched on the social issues portrayed in the show, such as growing up on an estate and the influence of parents and peers. They discussed how the series tackles these topics in a relatable and sometimes comedic way.

Throughout the interview, it was clear that the cast of “This is England ’90” had a close bond. They bantered with each other and joked about the dynamics within the group. Thomas Turgoose admitted to being the one who often got picked on, which led to some laughter and teasing from the rest of the cast.

In a surprising turn of events, Alan Carr brought up a story about Thomas Turgoose getting a tattoo on his behind while on vacation. It seems he made a bet with some friends and ended up with a tattoo that he didn’t quite remember getting. The audience was in uproarious laughter at the absurdity of the situation.

To wrap up the interview, Alan Carr announced that they would be doing a stand-up to cancer special, and if they raised a certain amount of money, the cast members would get tattoos related to the show. This was met with applause and excited reactions from the audience.

Overall, the cast of “This is England ’90” provided an entertaining and lively interview on Alan Carr: Chatty Man. Their chemistry and humor were on full display, making for an enjoyable and memorable episode. If you’re a fan of the show or just looking for some light-hearted entertainment, be sure to check out the interview on Channel 4.