In a recent episode of the popular talk show, Alan Carr: Chatty Man, Ariana Grande, Will Arnett, and Jimmy Carr joined the host for a game of “Chatty Man Roulette.” The game aimed to determine who would become the ultimate guest in the Chatty Man Hall of Fame. The contestants were tasked with sharing their best, funniest, and most embarrassing stories on various topics.

The roulette wheel was spun, and random subjects were selected for discussion. The guests were asked to delve into their celebrity encounters, Twitter faux pas, weirdest experiences, brushes with the law, and rumors and gossip. The anecdotes that ensued provided plenty of laughter and entertainment.

Ariana Grande kicked off the conversation by recalling her first appearance on The Tonight Show in America. She admitted feeling extremely nervous backstage, but her anxiety was alleviated when she had a light-hearted exchange with Cameron Diaz. The actress jokingly asked if her blouse was see-through, making everyone in the room burst into laughter. It was a humorous moment that helped ease Grande’s nerves.

Will Arnett shared a rather bizarre experience from a talk show he did in Germany. The challenge involved judging whether a dog owner could identify which of his dogs had bitten a Frisbee based on the bite marks. Through the use of translators, the task became even more challenging, but Arnett managed to power through and make a guess. It was an amusing story that highlighted the unexpected scenarios that can arise in the world of talk shows.

Jimmy Carr, known for his quick wit and comedic timing, reminisced about meeting Jim Carrey, whom he greatly admires. Carr admitted that he was so overwhelmed with emotion upon meeting Carrey that he teared up. Carrey responded kindly and left him with a memorable parting phrase: “Stay human.” It was a heartwarming interaction that showcased the impact a celebrity can have on their fans.

The conversation took a turn towards politics when Will Arnett revealed that he had the opportunity to meet Donald Trump at a hockey game in New York. Arnett humorously recalled how New Yorkers, taking inspiration from Trump’s famous catchphrase from The Apprentice, relentlessly shouted, “You’re fired!” whenever there was a momentary lull in the game. The encounter provided some lighthearted banter and a glimpse into the public perception of the former president.

As the laughter subsided and the stories came to an end, Alan Carr announced the winner of Chatty Man Roulette. After careful consideration and independent verification, Ariana Grande emerged victorious. It was a well-deserved win for Grande, who had managed to captivate the audience with her funny and relatable anecdotes.

The episode was a testament to the enduring popularity of Alan Carr: Chatty Man, as well as the charm and wit of its celebrity guests. With each passing episode, the talk show continues to provide viewers with laughter, entertainment, and a closer glimpse into the lives of their favorite stars.