In a recent episode of Alan Carr: Chatty Man, talk show host Jonathan Ross made a memorable appearance. The lively and entertaining interview covered a range of topics, from Ross’ choice of beverage to his weight loss journey.

When asked about his drink of choice, Ross humorously replied that he was off alcohol. This prompted Carr to joke about the importance of drinking responsibly and shared a story about Taylor Swift being a fan of a certain drink featured on the show. The banter between the two hosts created a lively and engaging atmosphere.

The conversation then shifted to Ross’ diet and weight loss. He revealed that his wife had found a diet that helped her shed some pounds while still enjoying her favorite foods. Ross humorously explained that he was on a diet too but couldn’t resist some indulgences, declaring, “I’m off the sugars and I’m off the carbs. Bollocks! Oh sod it.”

The interview took a heartwarming turn when Carr thanked Ross for his support of Stand Up To Cancer. Ross has been involved in every edition of the event and expressed his admiration for the cause. The hosts even made plans to appear together on Celebrity Gogglebox, showcasing their friendship and camaraderie.

They playfully compared themselves to older, intellectual figures, showcasing their wit and banter. Ross compared them to “those two older men who sit behind that painting of the massive tick”; Carr added that they would be more like June and Leon from the popular show.

The interview wasn’t without its funny moments, as Carr reminisced about Ross’ previous appearance on the show. Carr jokingly recalled how Ross had become self-conscious after someone asked if he had put on weight. The hosts shared a laugh, proving their close friendship.

Ross also hinted at the upcoming episodes of Alan Carr: Chatty Man, teasing guests such as Jessica Ennis Hill, Paul Whitehouse, Harry Enfield, Tom Jones, and Vin Diesel. He mentioned his interview with Diesel in a previous episode, highlighting the actor’s surprising answer about his dream film project.

The interview concluded with a discussion about Ross’ upcoming Bond special, which will feature interviews with Daniel Craig and director Sam Mendes. Ross expressed his excitement about the project, and Carr praised his ability as a chat show host.

When asked for advice for newcomers in the industry, Ross emphasized the importance of staying true to oneself and enjoying the process. He also playfully mentioned the challenge of remembering guest names, citing a humorous encounter with actor Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Ross and Carr shared many laughs and entertaining moments throughout the interview. Their chemistry and witty banter made for an engaging and enjoyable conversation. It’s clear that the two hosts have a genuine friendship that shines through on screen.

Fans of Alan Carr: Chatty Man can look forward to upcoming episodes featuring an exciting lineup of guests, including the highly anticipated Bond special. Ross’ appearance on the show proved once again why he is considered one of the chat show industry’s true legends.

So, grab a drink and get ready to be entertained by the dynamic duo of Alan Carr and Jonathan Ross on Alan Carr: Chatty Man. You don’t want to miss the hilarious and engaging interviews that will leave you wanting more.