On a recent episode of the popular chat show, Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, television personality Richard Hammond made a memorable appearance. The well-known presenter, famous for his role on the hit show Top Gear, shared some shocking details about an accident he had while filming for the show.

During the interview, Hammond revealed that he had been involved in a terrifying crash while testing a jet car for Top Gear. He described the incident as being like a blur, as he couldn’t remember much of what happened during the accident or even in the weeks following it.

Hammond explained that he had suffered post-traumatic amnesia, which caused him to have a five-second memory at the time. He recounted how the doctors would show him a menu, and within minutes, he would forget what he had chosen to eat. He jokingly compared his condition to the film Memento, where the main character has short-term memory loss.

Despite the severity of the crash, Hammond considers himself extremely lucky. He shared that there were no visible scars or physical injuries, as all the damage had occurred to his brain. He admitted that he had hoped for a few battle scars as proof of his ordeal, but ultimately, he was just grateful to have survived.

Throughout the interview, Hammond displayed his trademark sense of humor, joking about his recovery and the impact it had on his family. He mentioned that his wife, Mindy, had noticed a positive change in his behavior since the accident, leading to more attention and gifts from him. He playfully suggested that she might be trying to capitalize on his amnesia.

When asked about his return to driving, Hammond assured the audience that he had driven again, albeit cautiously. He mentioned driving an ordinary car and even a tractor without any fear. However, he did confess to reconsidering getting in a jet car for future Top Gear stunts.

As the interview concluded, Jonathan Ross commended Hammond for his resilience and expressed his relief that things had turned out well for him. It was a heartwarming end to a conversation filled with laughter and gratitude.

Hammond’s appearance on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross showcased his ability to find humor even in the face of a life-altering accident. His positive outlook and determination to move forward resonated with viewers, earning him admiration and support. With his comeback, Hammond proves that he’s ready to embrace new challenges and continue entertaining audiences with his wit and charm.

Fans of Hammond and Top Gear can look forward to seeing more of him on the show as he returns to his role alongside co-presenters Jeremy Clarkson and James May. It’s clear that Hammond is back in the driver’s seat, ready to entertain audiences once again.

In the end, Richard Hammond‘s appearance on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross was a testament to his strength and resilience. His story of survival and recovery captivated viewers and left a lasting impression. As he moves forward, Hammond serves as an inspiration to never give up, no matter the challenges life throws your way.

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