Daisy Edgar-Jones, known for her outstanding performance in Hulu’s “Under the Banner of Heaven,” appeared as a guest on “The Late Late Show with James Corden.” The actress shared details about the highly anticipated crime series and her experiences while filming in Canada.

Inspired by John Krakauer’s true crime novel, the show explores the events leading up to the murder of Brenda Lafferty in 1984. Daisy plays the role of Brenda in the series, alongside Andrew Garfield. With the show generating significant buzz even before its release, it is destined to be a mega-hit.

During her time in Canada, homesickness occasionally crept in for Daisy. Spending the whole year away from home, there was a particular moment during filming in Calgary that reminded her of the things she missed. Watching “Ted Lasso,” she saw the character enjoying a bag of Hula Hoops chips, which led to an emotional moment for her. Daisy had a craving for Hula Hoops but couldn’t find them in Calgary.

Daisy and James later discussed the beauty of northern Canada and their experiences in Banff. James mentioned wanting to visit Banff and see the Northern Lights. Daisy, who had witnessed the mesmerizing phenomenon in Finland when she was 16, highly recommended the experience. She fondly recalled a trip her father had saved up for, where they smashed a pot filled with money to finance their journey to witness the Northern Lights in Finland.

Amidst the conversation, Daisy humorously mentioned shooting a video in Banff where they playfully said “bamf” at different locations. They agreed that Banff was an incredible place with stunning views, but they both expressed reluctance to try dog sledding due to concerns about the dogs’ well-being.

As the interview continued, James mentioned the “seven nights” and asked if the experience was comparable to seeing the Northern Lights. Daisy and James shared their contrasting opinions about the two phenomena, with Daisy acknowledging that the “seven nights” don’t make the same tinkling sound as the Northern Lights, but rather produce a more rhythmic and calming noise.

As the segment came to an end, Daisy expressed her gratitude for being a guest on the show. Upcoming guest Tony Cornell was teased as the show went on a break, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating his appearance.

Daisy Edgar-Jones showcased her charm and charisma during her interview with James Corden. Fans are awaiting the release of “Under the Banner of Heaven,” excited to see Daisy’s portrayal of Brenda Lafferty unfold on screen. With her talent and noteworthy performances, Daisy is certainly someone to watch in the entertainment industry.

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