On the latest episode of “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross,” comedian Jack Dee made his seventh appearance on the popular chat show. With his trademark dry humor and deadpan delivery, Dee entertained the audience with his witty banter and hilarious anecdotes throughout the interview.

Dee, known for his grumpy persona, revealed that he is actually a “happy-go-lucky type of guy” and doesn’t take himself too seriously. He joked about his appearance and how age has made him look more “past it” than ever. The audience couldn’t help but laugh at his self-deprecating humor.

The conversation then turned to Dee’s latest project, the comedy series “Lead Balloon.” Dee, along with his co-writer Pete Sinclair, discussed the ups and downs of writing and the challenges they faced moving from stand-up comedy to scripted television. Dee’s character in the show is a slightly rubbish comedian who finds himself at a crossroads in his career.

Dee also touched on his personal life, mentioning his two teenage children and their adventures together. He hilariously shared how he spends his time driving them around, joking that he’s become their personal taxi driver. Despite the chaos, Dee cherishes the time he spends with his children.

As the interview continued, Dee talked about his dislike for modern technology, admitting that he struggles with using gadgets like a BlackBerry. He revealed that he doesn’t have a Facebook page, stating his belief that friends should interact in person rather than online.

The conversation took a humorous turn when Dee expressed his desire to play a Bond villain. He joked about his lack of gadget skills, leading to the audience erupting in laughter. Ross even mentioned that Daniel Craig, the current James Bond, was in the studio audience, further adding to the light-hearted atmosphere.

Dee also shared a funny behind-the-scenes story from the filming of “Lead Balloon.” During a night scene, the crew heard what they thought were gunshots nearby. Dee decided to play along and fell over dramatically, adding to the chaos of the moment. It turns out there had been an actual shooting incident, and the police considered Dee a witness since they had filmed the scene.

The interview ended on a high note, with the audience applauding Dee’s humorous stories and looking forward to the next series of “Lead Balloon.” Fans of Dee’s comedy were delighted to hear that the first series is available on DVD and eagerly awaited future releases.

Overall, Jack Dee‘s appearance on “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross” was a comical and entertaining experience. His quick wit and self-deprecating humor charmed the audience, leaving them in stitches throughout the interview. Fans of Dee and his comedy won’t want to miss this lively and engaging episode.