In a recent episode of the talk show “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross,” comedian Steve Coogan made an appearance to promote his upcoming live tour. The chat show host welcomed Coogan back to the stage and expressed his excitement to see him perform live again after many years. Coogan revealed that his tour would feature a mix of new and old characters, including Tom Saxondale, Pauline Calf, Duncan Thicket, and, of course, Alan Partridge.

When asked if he had a favorite character to perform, Coogan admitted that he enjoyed portraying Pauline Calf because it allowed him to be slightly drunk and mouth off about things, which came naturally to him. Ross jokingly suggested that Coogan should wear Pauline’s iconic hairstyle, to which Coogan humorously responded that it was difficult to pull off because modern fashion trends had adopted a similar look.

The conversation then shifted to Coogan’s tour sales, to which he revealed that most of the smaller venues were already sold out. Due to the high demand, Coogan announced that a big show at the O2 arena was added to accommodate more fans. Although the O2 show hadn’t sold out yet, Coogan was confident that tickets would go quickly once they were made available.

Ross then mentioned that he had heard Coogan would be performing a risqué song during the tour, which Coogan confirmed. The song featured a word that is often regarded as the rudest in the English language. When asked if he was concerned about the reaction, Coogan expressed that he would rather go down in flames than have his audience lose interest, as he wanted to cater to both fans who appreciated his cleverness and those who didn’t mind vulgarity.

They continued to discuss Coogan’s success in America, particularly with his character Alan Partridge. Coogan explained that Partridge had developed a cult following in the States, with many famous comedians expressing their admiration for the character. However, Coogan acknowledged that his comedy was very British and understood that finding the right approach for an American audience would be crucial.

The conversation concluded with a discussion about Coogan’s future plans, including the possibility of doing another TV series featuring Alan Partridge. Coogan mentioned that there were sometimes conflicting thoughts about pursuing new ideas but ensured that if a new project were to happen, he would want to get it absolutely right.

In addition to his live tour, Coogan has two forthcoming movies, including “Clapping Thunder” with Ben Stiller, and a new TV drama written and directed by Craig Cash called “The Royal Family.”

Overall, Coogan’s appearance on “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross” showcased his wit, humor, and passion for his craft. Fans can look forward to seeing him perform live and potentially witness the return of his beloved character Alan Partridge in the future.