In a recent episode of Alan Carr: Chatty Man, Paloma Faith shared a hilarious story behind her hit song “Only Love Can Hurt Like This.” The talk show, known for its entertaining and lively atmosphere, provided the perfect setting for Paloma to share her story.

During the episode, Alan Carr covered various trending topics, including Lenny Henry‘s response to a controversial statement made by a member of the public. The show also discussed George Clooney‘s engagement and the recent storms on social media surrounding gay rights.

The episode featured a diverse lineup of guests, including the master of molecular gastronomy, Heston Blumenthal, and the talented duo behind the sketch show, Cardinal Burns. The audience was treated to a musical performance by Paloma Faith, who wowed everyone with her amazing vocals.

As the conversation shifted to comedy, Alan Carr welcomed funnyman Frank Skinner to the show. The two engaged in lighthearted banter, with Frank even joking about Alan’s return to drinking non-alcoholic wine. The interview took a hilarious turn as they discussed funny and sometimes emotional moments that have occurred on chat shows.

Paloma Faith took the stage to perform her popular song “Only Love Can Hurt Like This.” She revealed that the song was originally written by Diane Warren, a renowned songwriter who has worked with the likes of Tony Braxton and Whitney Houston. Paloma shared her humorous encounter with Diane Warren, who initially didn’t believe Paloma would sing the song. However, Paloma’s rendition of the song won Diane over, and it became a massive hit.

The conversation later turned to fashion and Paloma’s unique style. She gave Alan a glimpse of her album cover, which was inspired by a Caravaggio painting. Paloma’s distinctive fashion sense has earned her a dedicated following.

Towards the end of the episode, the focus shifted to culinary delights as Heston Blumenthal discussed some of his famous dishes. The audience was left in awe of his creativity and gastronomic genius.

Overall, this episode of Alan Carr: Chatty Man was filled with laughter, music, and fascinating conversations. The show proved once again why it remains a favorite among fans of the talk show genre. Whether it’s celebrity interviews or memorable musical performances, Alan Carr knows how to deliver top-notch entertainment.