Paul O’Grady, the beloved talk show host, recently appeared on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, and let’s just say it was a lively and hilarious chat. As the crowd cheered and the music played, O’Grady made his grand entrance to the set.

Despite his mid-60s age, O’Grady looked surprisingly healthy. However, he did reveal that he had experienced not just one, but two heart attacks in the past. But don’t worry, he assured Ross and the audience that he was feeling great.

Known for his witty and sometimes grumpy persona, O’Grady didn’t hold back when it came to humorously complaining about his daily life. He joked about his love for food and how he turns into a “bloody rabbit” when he eats. He also admitted his disdain for the gym, revealing that his exercise equipment at home has collected cobwebs.

When Ross brought up O’Grady’s countryside lifestyle, including his farm, the comedian shared some amusing anecdotes about his animals. From pigs to goats, O’Grady has quite the menagerie. He even joked about eating his animals, although he admitted he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

O’Grady’s dogs, Buster and Olga, also made an appearance on the show. Buster, who has been with O’Grady for 13 years, showcased his good behavior by staying put on the desk throughout the interview.

The conversation took an interesting turn when O’Grady discussed his book, “At My Mother’s Knee.” He shared stories about his colorful family, including his pious aunt and his eccentric mother, who had a unique way of keeping her false teeth. O’Grady also opened up about coming out as gay to his mother, recounting a humorous moment when she ignored his announcement.

Throughout the interview, O’Grady’s infectious charm and quick wit kept the audience entertained. His candid personality shone through as he discussed everything from his morning grumpiness to his love for being a grandfather.

As the interview came to a close, Ross extended an invitation for O’Grady to come back on the show, jokingly suggesting that he should come as a “fish finger.” O’Grady playfully agreed, proving once again why he is such a beloved figure in the entertainment industry.

So, there you have it, a lively and entertaining evening on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, featuring the one and only Paul O’Grady. Stay tuned for more of O’Grady’s hilarious antics and heartfelt moments on his talk show.