Gabourey Sidibe stole the show when she appeared on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, captivating the audience with her quick wit and charismatic personality. The talk show host warmly welcomed the talented actress, complimenting her on her gorgeous appearance. Jonathan Ross, ever the joker, even attempted pronouncing Gabourey’s name, but the actress assured him that she usually goes by the nickname “Gabby” to make it easier for everyone.

The conversation quickly turned to Gabourey’s breakthrough role in the critically acclaimed film “Precious.” Jonathan Ross praised the movie as a powerful and moving piece of work, which Gabourey acknowledged and expressed her gratitude for being a part of. She revealed that the auditions for the film were held at a college where she used to do theater work, and her previous experience playing roles like an Indian and a pirate in Peter Pan somehow led her to land the role in “Precious.”

Despite the intense subject matter of the film, Gabourey confessed that the filming experience was a lot of fun. She admitted to being a lighthearted and giggly person, often cracking lewd jokes to lighten the mood on set. The cast of “Precious” became like a family, and Gabourey described it as one of the best times in her life.

Jonathan Ross complimented Gabourey on her co-stars in the film, including Lenny Kravitz and Mariah Carey. He praised Lenny Kravitz‘s comedic talent, which many people might not be aware of due to his rockstar persona. Gabourey agreed and shared that Mariah Carey, who played her mother in the film, was incredibly sweet and funny. Rumors of Mariah’s diva behavior were dispelled, and Gabourey described her co-star as kind and smart.

The conversation then shifted to Gabourey’s Oscar nomination for her role in “Precious.” Jonathan Ross marveled at how she went from playing a pirate in a college production of Peter Pan to being nominated for one of the most prestigious awards in the industry. Gabourey admitted that she never expected such recognition but expressed her gratitude for the opportunity.

As the discussion continued, Gabourey shared her experience attending the Oscars and the highly anticipated gift bag. Contrary to popular belief, her gift bag didn’t contain lavish items. Instead, she humorously revealed that she received an industrial paper shredder, a box of cat food, and a duffel bag of dog toys, despite not owning any pets.

In between all the laughter and lighthearted conversations, Gabourey opened up about her involvement in the RED campaign, aimed at raising awareness and funds to combat HIV and AIDS in impoverished parts of the world. She encouraged people to purchase products with the RED logo, as a portion of the proceeds from those purchases goes toward the cause.

Jonathan Ross couldn’t help but ask Gabourey about her visit to the White House. She shared her experience attending the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and going on a VIP tour of the West Wing. Gabourey humorously described sitting in Obama’s chair in the situation room and seeing various photos of the president throughout the building.

As the interview came to an end, Jonathan Ross and Gabourey engaged in some playful banter about hitting on men and enjoying life’s pleasures. Gabourey expressed her excitement about exploring London and potentially going on the London Eye. She also mentioned hitting on actor Colin Farrell in an elevator, much to the audience’s delight.

Overall, Gabourey Sidibe‘s appearance on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross was a lively and entertaining affair. Her infectious personality and humorous anecdotes kept the audience thoroughly engaged throughout the show.