Scottish comedian Kevin Bridges made an appearance on the talk show, Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, where he shared his hilarious and captivating stories. Among the many stories he told, one that stood out was his experience of doing a gig in a prison.

Bridges, known for his thick Scottish accent, revealed that he never realized how strong his accent was until he started doing TV shows. However, he mentioned that he tries to speak more clearly and enunciate while performing.

When asked about performing comedy with a Scottish accent, Bridges admitted that he had never tried doing it with any other accent. He has been doing comedy for the past six years, starting at the young age of 17. Now 23, Bridges has gained a significant following and has already performed in front of massive crowds.

During the interview, Bridges also shared some interesting insights into Scottish culture. He debunked the myth of the Scottish diet being unhealthy by admitting that he had never tried a deep-fried Mars bar, which is often associated with Scotland. However, he did mention a pizza dish called “pizza crunch” where the pizza is battered and deep-fried, which caught his attention.

Bridges even talked about his initial career plans before venturing into comedy. He studied psychology briefly before realizing that he wanted to pursue comedy full-time. He mentioned reading comedian Frank Skinner’s book, which inspired him to give comedy a try. His first gig was at a comedy club in Scotland, and he hasn’t looked back since.

The conversation took an unexpected turn when Bridges revealed that he performed a gig in a prison. He explained that it was a reward for the well-behaved inmates. However, he jokingly remarked that if someone gets a reduced sentence for attempted murder, then they should also get a reduced sentence for a failed comedy performance.

Despite playing in rough venues and experiencing challenging gigs, Bridges has built a successful career in comedy. He has performed all over the UK, traveled extensively, and even played in front of massive audiences, including a 16,000-strong crowd.

While his parents continue to support him in his comedy journey, Bridges revealed that his dad fancies himself as part of the creative team. His mom still packs his bag when he travels, and his dad tries to come up with jokes based on newspaper clippings.

Bridges’ success has been steadily growing, and he recently released his first DVD, Frostbite. The DVD is set to release on November 5th, two days after his 24th birthday.

With his quick wit, relatable humor, and unique accent, Kevin Bridges is poised to take the comedy world by storm. He is a rising star, and his appearances on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross only solidify his comedic talent.