Clarkson, known for his love of powerful vehicles and adrenaline-fueled adventures, has traded in his race cars for tractors and his racing suits for muddy jeans. It all started when the farmer who had been managing his thousand-acre farm since 2008 decided to retire.

Thinking that farming was just a part-time endeavor, Clarkson took on the challenge himself. Little did he know that it would turn out to be the “stupidest decision” he ever made. Farming proved to be a full-on, 20-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week job that left Clarkson exhausted and questioning his sanity.

During the interview, Clarkson recounted a particularly memorable moment during the lambing season, which happened to coincide with the first lockdown. He found himself in the lambing barn, struggling to deliver lambs while trying to maintain a safe distance from the vet due to the pandemic.

In a hilarious twist of events, Clarkson found himself elbow-deep in a sheep, realizing that he had entered the wrong end. The sheep’s perplexed look was a clear indication that he was in the wrong place. The incident left Clarkson questioning his credentials as a farmer and added another amusing anecdote to his farming misadventures.

But Clarkson’s farming journey didn’t stop at laughter-inducing mishaps. It was captured on film for all to witness in a new series called “Clarkson’s Farm,” set to premiere on Amazon Prime on June 11th. What started as a love letter to the British countryside turned into a comedy of errors, with Clarkson’s incompetence in full display.

Despite his initial intentions, the show turned out to be remarkably funny, showcasing Clarkson’s knack for making one big mistake after another. Audiences will be treated to the spectacle of a big, jocular man struggling to come to grips with the challenges of farming.

What sets “Clarkson’s Farm” apart is its ability to entertain not only farm enthusiasts but also those unfamiliar with the agricultural world. It promises laughter, gentle moments, and a newfound appreciation for the hard work and knowledge required to run a successful farm.

As fans eagerly await the premiere of “Clarkson’s Farm,” they can expect an excellent blend of comedy, education, and an intimate look at the British countryside. Jeremy Clarkson‘s foray into farming might have been accidental, but it has undoubtedly secured its place as a must-watch show for both fans of the talk show and lovers of candid entertainment.