In a recent episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, host Jonathan Ross revealed an interesting tidbit about his impact on comedian Michael McIntyre‘s neighbors. The hilarious exchange took place during a conversation about McIntyre’s new book, in which Ross discovered that he had initially been mentioned too frequently.

As the conversation unfolded, Ross confessed that there were parts of the book that he had to remove because he felt he was featured too prominently. Although the two celebrities share a friendly relationship, they don’t spend much time together outside of work. Ross couldn’t help but feel a mix of surprise and amusement at seeing himself mentioned so frequently in McIntyre’s manuscript.

One particular aspect caught Ross off guard – the mention of his impact on McIntyre’s neighbors. It turns out that McIntyre’s flat was located next to a couple who seemed to have a distinct routine. Every Friday night, after Ross’s show ended, the neighbors would engage in intimate activities. The thin walls of the building made it impossible for McIntyre to avoid hearing their activities.

Amidst laughter from the audience, Ross shared his astonishment at this revelation. He couldn’t help but wonder what it was about his show that had such an effect on the neighbors’ Friday night activities. McIntyre explained that he had turned off his TV, creating an ambiance of darkness and anticipation. Ross jokingly likened it to “scratching at the door,” suggesting that his neighbor’s actions were a direct result of his presence.

The amusing part of this story was that the neighbors’ intimate activities were exclusive to Friday nights. Ross stated that it never happened on any other day of the week. McIntyre clarified that it wasn’t simply a passionate couple in love – there was no activity happening next door on other days. It was purely a Friday night occurrence, immediately after the completion of The Jonathan Ross Show.

As their conversation continued, Ross admitted that he and his wife would eagerly wait for Friday nights to see if the pattern would continue. McIntyre playfully speculated on whether it was Ross’s show that made the neighbors passionate, jokingly suggesting that he was ruining their romantic evenings.

All in all, this unexpected revelation about McIntyre’s neighbors added a humorous twist to The Jonathan Ross Show. The playful banter between Ross and McIntyre showcased their camaraderie and gave viewers an entertaining peek into their lives. It certainly left audiences wondering about the mysterious effect that a talk show can have on people’s romantic endeavors.