In a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, actor Josh Charles shared his experience of being a part of Taylor Swift‘s “Fortnight” video. Charles admitted that at first, he thought he was being punk’d by fellow actor Ethan Hawke when he received the call to join the star-studded video.

During their conversation on the show, Fallon expressed his excitement to talk about Taylor Swift, but Charles jokingly wondered if they were going to discuss jinx instead. Charles revealed that he got involved in the video through his connection with Ethan Hawke‘s daughter, Mya, whom Taylor Swift knows.

The actor described the experience as strange but exciting, mentioning that the album’s title, “The Tortured Poets Department,” was a nod to “Dead Poets Society” and other tortured poets. Charles confessed that when Hawke initially told him about the video, he suspected it was a prank and asked, “Dude, are you bull[bleep] me right now?” Fallon joined the playful banter and assured the audience that Charles couldn’t use that word on TV.

But it turned out that Hawke was dead serious, and Charles agreed to be a part of the video after talking to Taylor Swift‘s team. He spoke highly of Swift, praising her as a talented director who knows exactly what she wants. Charles emphasized that meeting her in person only increased his admiration for her, as she was a genuine, cool, and approachable person.

To keep the project a secret, Charles and Hawke signed nondisclosure agreements and were sworn to secrecy. Charles confidently declared himself good at keeping secrets, unlike Hawke, who may have spilled the beans to others. However, Charles trusted Fallon to keep his secret since he considered him “foxhole material.”

Fallon then shifted the conversation to Charles’ new series, “The Veil,” on Hulu. Charles expressed his love for spy genre and explained how he got involved in the show. He praised the talent involved, including creator Steven Knight and actress Lizzy Moss. The actor enjoyed his role as a disruptor and teased that he believed he would make a good spy, although his wife disagreed, claiming he was not a good liar.

Fallon lightened the atmosphere by offering Charles a candy, and they continued discussing the actor’s career and his latest project. Overall, the interview was filled with lighthearted banter, showcasing Charles’ charm and Fallon’s enthusiasm as a host.

Fans can catch new episodes of “The Veil” on Tuesdays exclusively on Hulu, while Taylor Swift enthusiasts can continue enjoying her music videos, including the star-studded “Fortnight,” featuring Josh Charles and Ethan Hawke.