On a recent episode of The Graham Norton Show, actress Anya Taylor-Joy revealed a surprising fear that she has. Known for her roles in movies like “Mad Max: Furiosa,” Taylor-Joy shared her phobia of revolving doors. She explained that she is terrified of being cut in half or getting stuck in one. In fact, during her first scene in the popular show “Peaky Blinders,” she was supposed to run through a revolving door, but ended up getting stuck. Taylor-Joy’s fear seems legitimate, considering the potential dangers of revolving doors. She also mentioned that she struggles with matching her speed to the door’s rotation, especially in crowded places like airports where everyone is carrying luggage.

But aside from her fear of revolving doors, Taylor-Joy also discussed her experience filming “Mad Max: Furiosa” in Australia. She shared a clip online where she successfully performed a challenging driving maneuver called a “juicy LIF 18 AC” in a car. Surprisingly, this was her first time driving a car, as she admitted to not having a driver’s license. She humorously mentioned that she can’t parallel park or drive on the highway, but she can do this seemingly difficult driving maneuver. The incident left her slightly nervous about getting her license, given her intense training for high-intensity chase scenes in films.

During the show, Taylor-Joy was also joined by actor Chris Hemsworth, who jokingly asked her why she was in prison. She explained that she was doing research for a movie role and had to experience the inside of a prison and talk to prisoners who were willing to share their experiences. Hemsworth chimed in and shared his own prison story, which was actually related to researching a film as well. He recalled being heckled by prisoners who recognized him as Thor, despite thinking that prisoners wouldn’t watch movies.

Another interesting moment on the show was when Taylor-Joy had the opportunity to speak with actor Harry Melling, who played Dudley Dursley in the “Harry Potter” film franchise. She disclosed that she learned to speak English by reading the “Harry Potter” books, so these characters were her first friends. As a big fan of the franchise, Taylor-Joy expressed her excitement for working with Melling, who still remains a significant part of the “Harry Potter” universe despite not being as widely recognized as other cast members.

The episode also brought up some lighter topics, such as Hemsworth’s experiences with wildlife in Australia. He shared a story of encountering a snake in his bedroom after a night of drinking with his friends. Although he initially tried to handle the situation, the snake’s threatening movements made him reconsider, and he quickly threw it back into the bedroom. Hemsworth also mentioned that he prefers dealing with paparazzi over encountering dangerous animals like snakes.

Overall, the episode of “The Graham Norton Show” featuring Anya Taylor-Joy, Chris Hemsworth, and Harry Melling was filled with entertaining anecdotes and conversations. From Taylor-Joy’s fear of revolving doors to Hemsworth’s experiences with wildlife, the show provided a lighthearted and enjoyable experience for viewers.