On a recent episode of “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” the energy was high as the host, James Corden, kicked off the show with his signature charm and wit. The camera panned to the audience, who were all excited and ready for a fun-filled show.

Corden wasted no time in teasing the upcoming shows, mentioning that they would be broadcasting from London in the weeks to come. He then turned to his co-host, Winnie, who seemed to be getting more comfortable behind the scenes. Corden playfully commented on her engagement and praised her for joining in the applause for the first time.

However, things took a hilarious turn when Corden pointed out that Reggie, another member of the crew, was constantly on his phone. Corden jokingly referenced Reggie‘s lack of concern for people seeing his texts, even recounting a moment when his phone went off during an interview with former president Bill Clinton. Despite the interruption, Clinton took it in stride, while Reggie‘s unique ringtone left everyone amused.

Moving on to the news segment, Corden shared a quirky story about a study that revealed the age at which people feel their sexiest. After a few guesses from the crew, it was revealed that most people feel their sexiest at 53 years old. The conversation took a humorous turn as Corden joked about how dirty talk changes with age and even made light of the awkwardness of thinking about parents having sex.

The banter continued as Corden interviewed Mark, a crew member who was hailed as the sexiest man on the show. The crew’s playful camaraderie was evident, with Corden teasing Mark‘s age and applauding his youthful demeanor. Another crew member, George, also joined in on the fun, revealing his age and adding to the lighthearted atmosphere.

To wrap up the segment, Corden shared some entertaining news about Disney’s extravagant vacation package. The package included a 24-day private jet tour of all the Disney parks and resorts around the world, but at a price tag of $110,000 per person. Corden playfully joked about making his kids choose between the trip or college.

The episode was filled with laughter and witty exchanges between Corden and his camera crew, making it clear why “The Late Late Show” is a must-watch for late-night entertainment. Stay tuned for more exciting episodes and the crew’s infectious energy that keeps viewers coming back for more.