On a recent episode of “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” comedian and former “Saturday Night Live” cast member Vanessa Bayer joined James on the couch for a lively conversation. The episode titled “Death or Jail” was full of laughs and candid moments as Vanessa opened up about her experiences on a cruise ship.

James welcomed Vanessa and expressed his excitement for her being on the show. Although they had potentially met before, Vanessa couldn’t recall the exact encounter, but she made it clear that she was a big fan of James. The banter between them was light-hearted, and Vanessa even jokingly suggested they should have sex right there on the couch, sending the audience into fits of laughter.

Moving on, James congratulated Vanessa on the recent success of the Broadway musical “A Strange Loop,” which she co-produced and won a Tony Award for. Vanessa revealed that instead of celebrating in a grand way, she simply went home and went to bed. The next morning, she was back to work, showing her dedication and work ethic.

James then turned the attention to Vanessa’s earlier career as an improv performer, and she revealed that one of her first jobs was performing improv on a cruise ship. When asked about her experience, Vanessa described the cruise ship as its own little city. While she recommended it, she also warned about the presence of a jail on the ship, jokingly suggesting that it doesn’t take much to end up there. She also mentioned the ship’s morgue, as many older individuals choose to take cruises. The audience responded with both laughter and applause.

Vanessa spoke about her time performing on the cruise ship, sharing that they would perform one night a week and spend the rest of the time enjoying karaoke and hanging out with both the passengers and crew. She mentioned the perks of having “dual citizenship” and being considered both a passenger and crew member.

In a playful moment, James asked Vanessa if she would recommend doing a week of shows on a cruise ship, specifically referring to taking a late-night talk show like “The Late Late Show” to a cruise. Vanessa responded positively, saying it could be fun but advised caution due to the potential risks of being in jail or facing death, much to the amusement of the audience.

The conversation then shifted to Rue, another guest on the show, who was previously featured in a segment about unique artwork created by an artist named Ronald McDonkey. James presented more artwork, and Rue provided humorous backstories for the depicted women, one of whom was working at a post office and enjoying excellent benefits, while the other was a feminist activist in the Pacific Northwest who had been feeling down during the pandemic.

The episode was filled with entertaining moments, showcasing Vanessa Bayer‘s comedic talents and the chemistry between her and James Corden. As always, “The Late Late Show with James Corden” delivered a night of laughter and casual conversation, leaving viewers entertained and eagerly anticipating future episodes.